a b o u t u s

The Adventures of Skinny mini Kiki blog was first created by Chantale* as a way to link up family and friends all over the world from Seoul, South Korea to California USA to the adventures of her daughter Keira-Mae.

It has now become a creative outlet and labour of love focusing on Keira's antics, travels, adventures & discoveries.

Through this blog, we have 'met' so many wonderful people around the world and are so happy to be able to call them friends.

Thank you for coming along for the ride, we hope you enjoy our adventures as well!

*Chantale P is a product & graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada. She has worked in the textile, film and stationery/home goods industries. She has a passion for photography, kid-related designs as well as a fascination for all things bento. For a glimpse of her work, please visit her mini portfolio site. A more extensive portfolio site is coming soon! Stay tuned...