June 5, 2012

missie sunshine couture! a fashion show launch

Keira looks like she stepped out of a japanese fashion magazine
Check out the cutie in the middle. Isn't she a hoot? That's Christina's daughter Mona, the Original Missie!
Missie Fashion Show
Missie Fashion Show
Keira, workin' it!
The official launch for the new brand Missie Sunshine Couture was about 2 weeks ago! Missie Sunshine is a refreshing and unique take to summer beach wear for girls (women's wear to come in the future). With beautiful fabrics from India, it's a chic way to make a statement during summer.

I was lucky enough to create the branding for this new company started by my friend Christina and Bali. They both have such a great eye for style and design and are both so so sweet! I say I was lucky enough because I was given free reign in the creative design department and man, I ran with it. lol. From art directing the photo shoot to creating the logo, look book and website... it was certainly a labour of creative love on my part that I only hope matches the same labour of love from Christina and Bali.

Does one of the little models look familiar to you? Yep, it's Keira. And boy did she have the time of her life at the photo shoot making new friends! Last Saturday, the girls came together again. This time, for the fashion show launch. And once again, the girls had a terrific time. I love this age where they're not so body conscious yet. They're up there on the catwalk just enjoying strutting to the beat of the music and having a good time. And they were awesome!

The clothes were out of this world gorgeous. Beautiful cottons, silks, jerseys. Keira's favorite is the pink/white/black jumpsuit she wore. These are outfits the girls can wear pretty much all day during the warmer months and the tunics can easily be paired with leggings or shorts. Keira has worn her Missie Sunshine tunic since she received it in January!

I also met the lovely and wonderful Celina of Petit à Petit blog that day. Finally! We had been meaning to meet up for a while now but it's really hard to coordinate place and time. Celina has a terrific kids design and fashion blog and she's got quite the following on Pinterest as well! She brought along her two kids that day and wow, are they ever adorable. Very very happy to have met her that day.

Enjoy the show! But most importantly, please go and shop for Missie Sunshine Couture yourself!

Missie Fashion Show
Missie Fashion Show
Missie Fashion Show



Sari - MrsAgatha said...

K is natural born model! =)

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

This is the cutest! I would have loved to do something like this as a kid.

Shirley said...

Love the clothes!! Keira is adorable as usual :)

Sheryl C. said...

Love the clothes! Aren't the girls just adorable?

MarieLaure said...

waaoohhhhh !!!!!!!!