May 20, 2012

weekend in instagram

What a glorious long weekend this is turning out to be! We're celebrating Victoria Day tomorrow and as such, it's a day off! Woot! Victoria Day weekend is also the start to everyone's gardening and judging by the craziness at the garden center, we weren't the only ones stocking up on beautiful plants.

After this long weekend, we'll be (hopefully) back to more relaxed and normal days as tomorrow is Keira's end of season ballet show (no cameras or video cams allowed! not happy) and school nearing the end. Her violin and theatre end of school shows are coming up as well. I can't wait for it all to be over with. I don't know how any of you cope with all the extra curricular activities but.. if you're still smiling after it all, I tip my hat off to you.

Wolverine! aka Adam. My nephew painstakingly cut out and taped together his own wolverine claws! How awesome is this?

Yesterday, we paid a visit to my sister and her family and once more, were spoiled through our bellies: steak and kebabs on the bbq, rice, feijoada (my sister and I grew up on this as our father made huge batches of it and we ended up eating feijoada for weeks on end), mashed potatoes, garden salad, home made chocolate chip cookies (made with Ghirardelli chocolate!), home made lemon pound cake.. We came home with an over-full tummy. Keira and her cousins went over to the neighbor's pool and cannon-balled into the still freezing water. I think Keira turned slightly blue. lol.

green thumb

Tonight, it's a mom's night out! No kids, no dudes. Just us. We're heading out on the town and we will definitely enjoy ourselves. I think I can honestly say... we deserve it. Hope you're all having a terrific weekend too!


karaimame said...

Ok so there was, I missed this super fun weekend! Flowers, sweet princess, cookies, bbq, Wolverine and feijoada?!?! Omigosh , SO COOL!!!!

MarieLaure said...

j'adore !!! J'adore !!
de très chouettes photos!!
Bisous à Keira !