April 28, 2012

chalk drawings

Theme song to Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings by Edward McLachlan

We had a beautiful albeit somewhat cold and windy day today. Keira was off to a school chum's birthday party (refreshingly a boy's birthday party) and afterwards headed to a friend's house. The Mister and I had an afternoon date together. We ended up eating lunch without interruptions (heaven!) and watching a good ole movie together with the surround sound blasted up. Woo!

heart string
i ♡ papa

Keira wanted to go outside again after supper and decided to do some chalk drawings on the driveway. It just brought me back in time and I had that theme song from the cartoon I used to watch on Captain Kangaroo, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings in my head.

"Well you know my name is Simon and the things I draw come true, Oh the pictures take me take me over climb the ladder with you."

A very awesomely quiet day today. I relished it after a topsy turvy kind of week.


Jen C said...

Oh Simon. I haven't thought of him in years. This is an amazing collection of images capturing a pure and lovely moment in time.

So happy you had an awesomely quiet day. And also a date with the Mister! How fun!

ChantaleP said...

Oh Jen, it was really lovely today! I just need about 5 more days like this one. ; )

MarieLaure said...

une vraie artiste !!!! doux bisous à Keira!

Diana said...

That top photo is incredible. You really have an eye for capturing these moments.

bron @ baby space said...

loving that top image so much. I know I've said it before but she is so going to love these images when she's a biggie.