March 6, 2012

a tiny lalamonde gift!

lalamonde keychain
lalamonde keychain

A few weeks ago, I had bought some sweet baby shoes from Daria's Lalamonde shop for my niece's newborn daughter (read the post here) and this little surprise came in the mail for Keira. How sweet is it? Keira stuck her little finger inside the tiny shoe and pretended to 'walk' with it. lol. That tiny little keychain shoe is so perfectly created!

lalamonde keychain

Personally, the graphic designer in me was piqued and fascinated with Daria's superb design and attention to detail. Everything has its purpose from the business card to the hang tag. I especially love the illustration and especially the tiny note card! I'm definitely keeping those printed pieces for inspiration.

Thank you so much Daria for your sweet gift to Keira! We love and appreciate your kindness so much.  


sheri fujihara chen said...

eeeeka! I love love love the mini shoe!

ChantaleP said...

Is it ever cute??

Lia Chen said...

Too cute! I love the stamp at the back of the tag card too :)