March 4, 2012

spring break magic & some birthday fun!


We are officially on Spring Break! It's the first time I'm taking the entire week off from work and I'm so happy. The only downside is having to bring work home from the office (for both myself and the mister) but who cares? I'm off for the week! My break started off with a photo shoot on Friday at Mont Sutton.. I hope to show you some behind the scenes soon! Meanwhile...

Last week was my nephew's birthday and yesterday, we finally met up with my sister and family to celebrate it. We ended up at their favourite chinese restaurant in town for some yummy early supper. Watching the kids get together, goof around and play is seriously the best.

kiki & adam
birthday boy

The kids might have had just an hour or two together last night but they'll be together again by tomorrow. The little taco and I will be heading to my sister's place for a day of skiing and fun! Well, they'll be skiing, I'll be hurtling myself down the mountain, on the bunny hill side.


joyce said...

cousins are the best, eh?

i'm so happy that we don't have to rush around in the mornings this week! have a great break!

ChantaleP said...

They are the best! Have a great spring break too. : )