March 11, 2012

saturday down in town.

saturday afternoon downtown
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

It smells like spring! And it's warm like spring too. After Keira's last swimming lesson (she passed! she's on to level junior 3 now), we decided to head downtown and walk around. I wanted to see if the Anthropologie was open but it looks like construction stopped dead in its track. Shame.


We headed over to the new Tiffany's on Sherbrooke and I laughed when Keira asked why we weren't buying anything there. We also decided at the last minute to head across the street from Tiffany's to check out the new wing of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavillon. It is stunning! It's also free entrance to view the permanent collection so head on over there when you have a chance. We loved it! It's always a treat to seep some art into the kiddo. 

The new section of MMoFA
The new section of MMoFA
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Is it black on white or white on black? Borduas
Is it black on white or white on black?

C'est du barbouillage? - Riopelle Kiki: Is that scribbling? Papa: Yes, very expensive scribbling. 

We then headed out for some drinks. For some reason, possibly the weather muddled our brains, we headed to Hurley's Irish pub but didn't get past the front door because Keira wasn't allowed in. Um, duh us. Good thing we didn't go in because after a peek, there was some rowdy Irish celebrations going on already! St Patrick's day parade apparently does not start next week for some people. lol. 

Les 3 brasseurs

We ended up at Les 3 Brasseurs. Beer for us adults, juice and incredibly yummy fries for Keira.  And the cap to our great evening out? Take-out from Schwartz's deli for some world-famous Montreal smoked meat! Oh it was so good... Good thing we did take-out because the line-up to get in to eat went around the corner.

A look inside Schwartz's A look inside Schwartz's.

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d'ogg said...

A grand day out Chantal! Looks like you had a great day. Love love love Montreal. Thanks for sharing.

KLT said...

Looks like perfect day! What a wonderful looking museum! I hope to wander around it someday with you. :) Love the photos & your new banner/header too! Hope you have a great Monday!

joyce said...

your pictures are getting better and better each post, Chantal!

and Keira's legs go on and on and on...she's going to be tall, eh?

ChantaleP said...

Thanks so much Kristin & Heather! Wish I could walk around with you ladies too. : )

ChantaleP said...

Wow, thanks for the compliment Joyce! *blush*.. Dunno about being tall for Keira.. she is average height right now but it's true, she's all legs! lol.

Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

Looks like an absolutely fun day! So much to see and do in Montreal, I still need to visit there!

erica @ expatria, babyw said...

There are many things in this post I love: little kids and vibrent colours; Schwartz's Deli (my sister lives right round the corner from them) and Les 3 Brasseurs - I used to frequent the original in Strasbourg. A lot. But that was ten years ago!
Thanks for the happy memories!

Mama said said...

Looks like a perfect day.

nath said...

Montreal really seems like amazing place... really need to check it out some time. Well done on the "mum story' in bloeseom