March 7, 2012

novalee mag - LIVE today!

I knew that this new kids e-mag was coming out soon and was excited to see the announcement that it went LIVE today! Novalee magazine's the name and a different cool vibe's it's game. The think tank and brain (love) child of Angela of Lulahoney in collaboration with Peggy of Paul&Paula kid's fashion blog, this isn't your typical kid's emag. It's got a definite skater vibe.

I've just spent 4 days skiing and think Novalee is the perfect pairing to all the kids I've seen out on the slopes looking for cool new accessories and clothing to check out.

Congrats to Angela and her entire team! Here's looking forward to more issues to come. Here are some of my favourite images from Issue Nº1!

And do you recognize this stripey gal? Thank you Angela for letting us be a small part of your premier issue!
Read Issue Nº1 here: Novalee Magazine

Credit: All images - Novalee Magazine © 2012


Sandy a la Mode said...

what a fun idea to have a kids e-mag!!

Paul & Paula ★ said...

Thank you Chantale xxx