March 15, 2012

heartbreaker, girls' night & one direction


It's almost Friday. It's been a very busy week. There never seems to be enough time to just chillax and get life organized but then, that's life in a nutshell isn't it?

It's a girls night tonight and Keira and I went out for supper. She seemed a little down today when I picked her up after school and usually, when I suggest we go out for supper she protests and wants to eat at home. Tonight, she really wanted to go out. Just before she went to bed, she finally let it out of the bag that her friends completely blew her off today and chewed her out as well. You see, she likes to 'shadow talk' people. You know? Repeat what you say as well as your movements? While I find it hilarious and funny when she does it to me, I can understand how it would have annoyed her friends. It's just heartbreaking for me to hear how they chewed her out and then said, 'c'mon, let's go play by ourselves without Keira'.


She admitted she cried and had to talk with a school monitor to feel a bit better because, 'ça faisait de la peine'. Basically, it hurt her feelings. I explained to her how some people can get really annoyed with being shadowed, so don't do it anymore at school. Keira told me how she cried a bit more, spoke with another friend and this girl (bless her soul!) told her that everything was ok now, let's just play.

Not the last of these kinds of incidents but oh how I wish I could just put her in a warm and safe bubble! F O R E V E R.

In other news, some exciting things coming up in the near future. I've also been loving all the new issues of print mags out there including the newest Milk magazine and JCrew catalog! Also in other news, I've been loving watching One Direction and listening to their really catchy tunes (hells ye-ah! I did buy their LP on iTunes). Reminds me of my teenage years buying Bop and Tiger Beat, swooning over Rob Lowe in the Outsiders (gold Johnny! stay gold!) and pasting DuranDuran/Depeche Mode posters all over my walls. ah youth..

Enjoy the catchy tune (makes me want to head back to Cali coast)! We're looking forward to the St Patty's day parade this weekend so Keira can celebrate the Irish in her! Holla fellow Wards 'n McDonough's!


KLT said...

Oh girls can be so mean! I know- I would like to keep the bubble around S man too. So sorry Miss K was down in the dumps. Hope your girls night out helped a bit. :) Yes, stay gold Johnny... :)

ChantaleP said...

Thx Kristin! Plus I had to tell her not to shadow peeps anymore without pulling her further down in the dumps. This kid, she bounces back pretty quickly must say. : ) You a Greaser too? hehe..

Lisa said...

Recently had a similar event with Syd and an old friend from her preschool days. Chantale - our girls are so happy-go-lucky and expect everyone to be like them. Unfortunately, kids can be cruel. Sometimes I wish I could toughen Syd up a bit and other days I am proud (but terrified) of how thoughtful and friendly she is!

joyce said...

oh, it's heartbreaking! i went sugaring off with hudson's class a few days ago, and hudson asked one of his "friends" if he could sit next to him on the tractor, and the boy said "no", even though there wasn't anyone sitting there!!! the boy's mother didn't say anything, so neither did i. i just tried to make it sound more fun to sit next to me!!! life's hard at any age, i guess.