March 25, 2012

electric hair, a new frame & saying goodbye

Well that's a pretty mish-mash mélange title for a post isn't it? Pretty much.

Here's a frame I picked up downtown last week. Usually I eschew these cheesy types of frames but.. I couldn't help but pick this one up. I really love it and after seeing the 3 musketeers photos within, am thinking of getting a similar type of frame for me. This one is for my mom for Easter and I think she'll love seeing her grandkids goofing it up in this.

electric hair

Meanwhile, we gave away Keira's old bikes to her little cousin (cousin once removed). Keira received these bikes from one of my wonderful friends (Thanks Heather!) and she's now outgrown them even though she won't admit it. She loves those princess bikes but her legs are scrunched up while pedalling. It's time for a big girl's bike this year. Little cousin Flo was happy to get her new (old) princess bike, made even better because it belonged to Keira! And anything associated with her big cousin Keira is triple A good to her. They had a small trampoline time together while I loaded up their car and Flo got the electric-sunshine-hair going on. Meanwhile, Keira gave her bikes a last goodbye and then cried about it afterwards. It's hard to say goodbye to all those good summer memories! Here's to making new ones.

Evening bike ride
Evening bike ride

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joyce said...

it was a PHENOMENAL week, wasn't it?!? pure, sweet, summer!

and today...holy moly it's frickin freazing!