February 20, 2012

weekend flash

writing a birthday wish
Writing a birthday wish for a friend.

Did the weekend pass by in a blur or am I blind? Wow. No idea where the time went. I stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday nights working so by Sunday, I was too tired to head to the ski slopes with the Mister and Keira. It was such a gorgeous day too!

IMGP4792This is Keira pretending to be Draculaura drinking blood out of a goblet. Sigh.. I know. Crazy.
monster high in poseI can't help it, I like these dolls! They're freakishly so well done.IMGP4816My personal little vampire. The light always hurts her eyes...

There was a crazy incident on Saturday though. Keira had her swimming lesson and at the end of each class, the swim instructors (all of whom are in their teens and early 20s, all certified) try to do something fun for the kids. For instance, take out the big foam carpet, add some crazy foam noodles and make the kids swim out to it, once they're on it the instructors move and shake the carpet and then the kids flop into the water. Well, they did that and then it looked like they decided to add something 'extra' as well. They made all the kids line up on the edge of the pool, had 2 instructors hold them up and then tossed them back into the pool (like a cannon ball thing) and made them freestyle it back to the other edge of the pool. Some kids ended up belly flopping (ouch!) or flipping and then continuing on. Most of the boys loved this. Most of the girls were... meh. Not so crazy about it.

Well, when it was Keira's turn, I could tell she was nervous. The kid weighs a little more than, oh I don't know, a peanut? I exaggerate but she doesn't weigh that much. Well, doesn't she get tossed waaaaay up high in the air, hangs there for a second or two, which is just about enough time for her to panic and then smack right into the water on her right side. I mean, all of us parents heard the THWACK! and there was a collective grimace and "ooh!". Then all the parents turned to me and said "Oh I think she needs her mommy". My kid came out of the water crying, her goggles & bikini top askew and her right side from her waist to her knees red and sore. Yeeouch.

Ah well, she was fine. She lives! lol. And she will continue her lessons next week. But it took some convincing to avoid a smackdown between the Mister and the 2 morons who threw her in. Talk about lack of judgement! They came to see me afterwards, red in the face and sheepishly apologized to me and to Keira. S'all good. Let's hope there won't be any 'surprises' next weekend!

In other news, I'm the new owner of this old mannequin I spotted at work! We're going through another reno and this mannequin was just hanging around. So I bought it. For 30$! Wonder what new sewing project I should start??


Petit a Petit and family said...

Quel Histoire! I'm sure Keira will be fine next week... I bet your heart stopped beating for a minute there! And that mannequin... What a score! Are there any more hanging around? Can't wait to see what you'll make with it...

joyce said...

ouch. hudson would have been traumatized, vowing never to go swimming again.

and i have always loved the way those mannequins look...