February 24, 2012

milk n soda: new collection in!

Milk & Soda

    I've been seeing some new items for Spring & Summer being shown on Milk & Soda's
    facebook page and Leah also kindly emailed me to let me know new items were being introduced to
    the online shop. And what goodies!

    This Sibella Riding Cap caught my attention as well as Paravian Trilby Hat. I could see Keira
    wearing both, the Sibella cap with a mod dress and the Paravian Trilby with a fitted tee and flared
    gathered jean skirt maybe.

    There's also this gorgeous polka dot scarf for us moms!

    Sigh.. Daydream it, love it, Pin it, buy it! Thanks so much for the head's up Leah.
    All image credit: Milk & Soda


Uncle Beefy said...

Life is financially precarious enough. But, if I had a child, lord have mercy, I'd go bankrupt wanting to dress them! Such CUTE stuff out these days, huh? Love!

Have a great weekend!

ChantaleP said...

There sure are B! Good thing I haven't shown any of this to Keira. sh!