February 25, 2012

la petite mag ♡ issue 7!

 I adore this image photographed by Justin Badenhorst. By far my favourite images in the entire issue.
 Sigh, palm trees, dessert landscape.. Reminds me of our trips & family back in Cali.. Photography by Karolina Henke

 I LOVE everything styled here! Especially that Thunderbirds figurine! Don't all the characters (women included) look like Burt Reynolds? Room by Muswerk.
 I want to check out La Mer featured above.. I think one of Keira and my favourite books to read together is the Martine series, and especially Martine en Voyage. One of our favourite stories is Jean-Lou et Sophie découvrent la mer. So beautifully illustrated and I think would go well with Kristin's selections featured in the newest issue of La Petite.

The latest issue of La Petite Mag is online now! Here at home, winter has finally woken up and taken charge of the weather with wet snow and chilly winds. Which makes going through the newest issue of La Petite that much better. Definitely loving the beach vibe and west coast sunshine on its pages. Kudos to the entire LPM team. Above are just some of the images that inspired me.. I also love checking out Kristin's For the Love of Books feature as she always showcases some really awesome books for kids (of all ages!). And a new surprise, fellow Montrealer Celina Bailey of Petit à Petit and Family blog shares her picks on the pages of La Petite as well.

This entire beach and summer theme ties so well into the project I'm working on right now.. I'm inspired by every page!

Hope you all enjoy it as well!
La Petite Magazine

All images: La Petite Mag


Petit a Petit and family said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! Just what we needed with today's weather... I don't think spring can come fast enough;) although this winter was pretty fantastic ( I don't ski!). How wonderful is that Monika Elena shoot, oh so inspiring! Lastly, Martine are my favorite too ( I have a post brewing in my head about that). Have a great week ;)

KLT said...

The minute I started flipping through the pages of the new issue, I knew you would love it! Wasn't the water/beach/surf theme great?! It helped with this gross rainy NW weather we are having right now. Thanks so much for the mention Chantale! It means a lot to me that you enjoy the book feature. I will check out Martine en Voyage. The La Mer was given to me from my friend Catherine (from Belgium). Admittedly I can't read any of it because I don't know French. You & Keira can read it to Sayer & I. We just make up stories. I'm a big Alain Gree fan so I enjoy the illustrations. Hope you are having a great wekend!

Kenziepoo said...

Thanks Chantale for the lovely post! It is so nice to hear the feedback! I adore those shoots by Justin Badenhorst & Karolina Henke, and of course my favorite-"For The Love Of Books" by the lovely Kristin!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend!