February 5, 2012

just dance!

make gif

What happens when the cousins come over with Just Dance 3 in hand? Some crazy awesome dance moves from the kiddos, that's what! Caleb can especially bustamove. Keira loved it so much she made us go out and buy it the next day and I have to admit, in between working during the day, I busted a few moves maself..


karaimame said...

That game really makes you sweat! My girls enjoy it too...favorite song? Barbra Streisand... :D.
So cute to see K dancing! She has style, a natural dancer ^^.
Have a sweet week friend!

ChantaleP said...

Oh we love that one too! We should get together and do a dance-off!

Audrey said...

haha.. just what I needed after a long day. A good belly laugh. Loved the video. We have that game too. So fun. And yes, I sweat too when I play.

MarieLaure said...

trop mimi !!!