January 15, 2012

First Interview of 2012! Meet the lovely Peggy of Paul and Paula Blog

Paul & Paula blog. Credit: Peggy Juche

As promised, here is my first Q&A of the New Year. And I couldn't be happier as it's the wonderful Peggy of Paul&Paula kid's fashion & design blog!

Peggy! I love this photo of her, it shows her fun
& creative side. 

Peggy writes and edits what feels to me a long established kid's design blog yet it's only been in existence less than 3 years. There is a distinct style and feel to her blog in which every single time you log on, there's a guarantee you will learn and see something fresh and different. It's a mom and fashion/design lover's perspective on everything kid related! Peggy has also started a separate blog to post her beautiful photography.

Over the past year, I have been lucky to have gotten to know Peggy a bit better. She is sweet, friendly and open and judging by all her travels, work and taking care of 2 little children... very energetic! I wanted to ask her.. how does she do it all?? Let's snoop & find out more about Peggy!

Peggy, your blog Paul & Paula is a relatively new blog but reads more like an experienced one. How did you get started and what was your inspiration behind it?
Wow, thank you... I started my blog really out of the blue. Somewhere whilst browsing the net I saw a “button” on a page that said “make your own blog” (or similar). I just turned around and said to my husband: I will write a blog. I instantly knew what I will write about and that the name will be Paul & Paula. My first ideas and instincts are generally best so I did not think much further. This is how it started. I had no clue about blogs and this whole awesome world behind it. No clue what to do really, no connections... just me, my husband and lots of trying and sleepless nights. 

DSC_0137d.nik shop in Berlin. Photo courtesy of Peggy Juche/PauletPaula blog

Has living and traveling in and around Europe influenced your blog? Where do you find most of your inspirations and are there any sites or places that inspire you on a daily or weekly basis?
Well I guess that living and traveling to many different places definitely changed and influenced my life, so YES... it does influence my blog too. I love to discover, learn, hear life stories and look at beautiful things. Writing about them, search for them and see many more on all the blogs I read on a daily basis is just really awesome.
My inspirations come from everywhere. My own kids of course, reading magazines, cycling through the city, waiting in front of the school gate and having a moment to just daydream and so on... there is no fixed “stop” I go back all the time... What I read on other blogs, and of course I do have my favorites, does inspire me but more for myself. Maybe I will change something in the house because I saw a neat idea or I cook a recipe after I saw mouthwatering pictures...

DSC_0027 The über cute kids of Peggy! KleineR and KleineA. Photos courtesy of Peggy Juche/PauletPaula blog

Your kids are so adorable! And extremely stylish.. Since you showcase so many amazing brands on your blog, are you more influenced by them or do you have a base of brands you love and always go back to time and again? 
Thank you again! I really only show brands that I like myself. So yes I would say I am influenced because it is really hard to not to shop the whole day as I am always browsing all kinds of great online shops, look books and so on. I do have “classic brands” (lets call them like this today). For example nearly all underwear as well as simple tees (even for myself) are from Petit Bateau. If I am close by I always have a look what H&M and Zara kids have on the shelves. But apart from that I mix everything. Pieces where I really could not resist whilst surfing the net or finds when we traveled. You're gonna laugh but most sneakers for the kids we bought during traveling. :)
Oh and when I am in Paris I always go to Bonton and I never leave without a new bag. (Swoon! I wish I could do the same!)

DSC_0160 All photos, courtesy of Peggy Juche/PauletPaula blog

I know you’re a busy mom of 2, with a full time job during the day. Where do you find the time to work full time, do photography, your blog and be a mom too?! Do you have a set routine or special recipe you can share with the rest of us?
No I don’t. Really not. But it might be nice to hear that I actually quit my job just recently and can focus on my blog and all other projects I am busy with and will be revealed in 2012. But to come back to your question: I am organised yes, I am German haha, so the school lunch box is ready in the fridge for the next morning. The clothes are all out and ready to put on as well and for work I still use a kind of “old fashion” note book where I keep track and write down ideas. I would be lost without that book! And I do believe that if what you do is what you like and you are passionate about things always fall into pieces, find a way to get into your schedule... and so on. It is not always easy and there are still evenings that I spent behind the screen but seeing the results is just so rewarding.
And believe me, working from home is really nice but often I have to find my path again too...

PS: if anyone has THE recipe please share :)

advent calender Advent Calendar, Photo courtesy of Peggy Juche/PauletPaula blog

And lastly, because you’re from Europe, I wanted to ask you if there is a special holiday that is especially celebrated where you’re from? Do you have any special traditions that you love to get your kids involved with too?
This is the question that I had to think the longest, really... To be honest before kids I did not care much about holidays at all... I would never have painted eggs for Eastern or cut out snowflakes for Christmas, having kids makes it the biggest fun ever.  My husband is from France and I am from Germany and on lots of occasions we actually find the middle of both rituals for special holidays. And the kids are involved in all of them. For example in Germany we have “Nikolaus” who comes overnight from the 5th to the 6th of December. You put your shoes out, nice and clean and the next morning you will find a little surprise. In France they do not do this (or just in the parts very close to Germany). Here in The Netherlands they actually celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th in the evening and it is the main event for the kids (instead of Christmas eve) with big gifts and so on... Now... not so easy to find a way here... plus it is my husbands birthday on the 6th as well : ) In the end we put the shoes out, they got a little gift and hubby got his birthday presents on the 5th in the evening :)))

Peggy, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I think it's safe to say that you've probably inspired more people to take the time to find their passion and tentatively put out their own blogs and test the waters. 

To get your daily kids fashion & design fix, head on over to Peggy's blog: Paul & Paula blog and also check out her photographic journey over at Paul & Paula Photo! Check out both NOW as she's at the Kleine Fabriek trade show.
Peggy is also incredibly friendly and would love to chat with you! Head on over to twitter and find her there: @pauletpaula and check out her fab pins over at Pinterest: PaulPaula


Kenziepoo said...

What a great Q&A!! Loved it!

KLT said...

Great job to both of you! Wonderful read... Nice to get to know Peggy a little bit. Thank you! Oh, & I love Peggy's photos!

Paul & Paula ★ said...

Thank you so much for having me Chantale. I just read my own interview againa nd hehe... fun... :)
Have a great week!