May 31, 2011

fournier by anabel fournier

Keira wears: Halter top made by me, Double Strand African Bead Wax necklace: Fournier

Keira wears: Christine necklace by Fournier
Halter top made by me paired with Zara denim mini, Christine necklace by Fournier.
These beautiful necklaces are hand-made beauties from Fournier, the company Anabel Fournier founded. I'm already a big fan of her blog And So I Whisper but I'm also a big fan of her company's clothing and accessories, hand-made with a social conscious behind them. Remember the Tooth Fairy crochet plush she sent Keira (read that post here)? Well, Keira's about to lose about 3 or 4 teeth now and it's going to come in handy very soon!

I've been seeing Fournier products on Anabel's website and blog for a while now and as soon as I heard she had opened her own online shop, well, I headed there straight away and ordered these gorgeous necklaces! One is a double stranded beaded necklace, wrapped in an african wax print which I bought for Keira but have been wearing for myself ever since it arrived and the other is the fabulous and extremely soft & luxurious Christine necklace. I have to admit, it is extremely hard not to order more than 2 at a time! They are all so gorgeous.

Keira chose this necklace to wear to dinner with her tante Loulou & Grandmaman
Lovely detailing of Christine necklace...
As I've gotten older, I no longer buy things just to have them. I like to know the provenance behind the products and more importantly, the person or team behind it as well. I like to buy lasting pieces that will stand the test of time... and trends. What I love about Anabel's company is that each piece is hand-made by an artisan, living in Bolivia. Some of these women may live in poverty but they've been given a chance to make a living from their artwork and we are given a chance to fall in love with these heritage pieces. I know I will keep wearing my necklaces for years to come and hopefully take good care of them so Keira will enjoy wearing them now and later in life. You can read more about these incredible artisans on her blog here:

Do you love? Are you loving? Head over here to her online shop to browse and purchase: There is more to her shop than beautiful accessories! There are beautiful scarves, boys and girls clothing made of softest cottons and yarns, layettes, booties and more..
For more on Anabel's daily living and inspirations, head on over to her blog: And So I Whisper

And if you think that taking style shots of Keira is easy peasy, check out a few of the out-takes below. Cuz that's usually what I get out of her about 90% of the time! haha.

Sweet Shot Day

May 29, 2011

my weekend llama

Image Credit: Digital Gopher from Flickr
I saw this image on Pinterest and it immediately made me laugh and reminded me of Keira. Occasionally, I'm woken up vvvvvvery early on weekend mornings by a face this cute and about 2 inches from my nose. Usually accompanied by a "are you awake mommeee? heehee!", a kiss on my face from a very alert & happy Keira who then scampers off to the playroom.

Can anyone resist a face like this? I. Think. Not.

May 28, 2011

saturday in the rain

What do you do when the forecast calls for rain? Why you invite the other 2 musketeers to come over! The rain let up a bit in the afternoon and the girls absolutely had to go outside. After convincing them to wear their rain gear, they headed out..

Things are green and a-growing!

May 27, 2011

happy friday folks!

Happy Friday folks! The week has been crazy but it's ended on a terrific note. A great teacher/parent conversation where Keira's been given a super high five (excelling in the comprehensive text and math part), our garden in place and flowers as well.. and have I ever told you I married a really swell guy? Yep, that too!

And to all my family and friends south of the border, Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope it's full of sun, fun and a lot of bbq.. Invite me over will ya? I cook a mean steak and chops! A hard lemonade in hand and we're good to go.. have a great one and I'll catch ya on the flipside.

May 26, 2011

achtung! :: cuteness alert!


Showing me where the nose goes.. Thanks baby..
Bedhead! Don't worry folks, I do brush it out and put it in a ponytail for school. But this is the hair everyone wants isn't it?? 
Folks, this has been a tough week for me. Well, not for me but rather my body. I feel like I've been put through the wringer. First the knock-out from my allergies, then a rash right under my eye and yesterday evening, an intense and severe food poisoning.. I tell ya. I passed out in bed by 7pm. lol.  I'm feeling pretty okay today but it's saying something when I haven't put on a lick of makeup on to hide the hideousness from the world. Well okay, I do have lipstick on. I might have to turn off the lights at work!

Last night, we were supposed to meet Keira's teacher for a parent/teacher meeting but obviously, I couldn't go. Good thing too because the teacher didn't even show up! When we checked Keira's school agenda again, she had re-scheduled for tonight. Lucky me! Keira meanwhile spent some time with her auntie Loulou last night and got a big bagful of costumes from her tante Solange. All the costumes that her cousins (the twins) wore at her age and have now been passed on to her. I feel strangely old as I remember them wearing these costumes way back when.

Keira was so excited to show them to me this morning. Here's one of the costumes, can you guess what? Am I biased or what when I say.. she is such Total Cuteness!

May 25, 2011

victoria day pt II

a boy & his paddle in motion
someone loves her klt tee!

Excited to go canoeing!
The men taking the canoe out for a spin..

The ladies' turn!
KLT owly tee
This guy wasn't afraid of us at all, he kept coming up waiting for us to toss some food his way. Sadly, we had none..
Our second day during the long weekend was humid and hot. That could only mean... my allergies coming out in full force. But why let that stop me from having fun right? Keira and Alex saw canoes out on Dows Lake the day before and wanted to try it out so we headed to our friend's camping grounds close by. They took out their canoe and we all took it for a spin on the river. The kids loved it! I loved it too and was reminded of all the times I loved going fishing up north. I'm a spectator fisher person: I love going but need someone else to bait my line and take the fish off it as well. I'm pretty darn good at catching fish though!

The rest of the day was spent back at our friend's home where the kids (and even us adults) spent hours in the trampoline. Y'all, it is a workout! We were spoiled with good food, great company and endless fun. It was a great long weekend for us.

You might have noticed the Keikster wearing jeggings and gasp! even shorts this weekend. Her idea not mine. She's now realized that people can see up her skirts and dresses and was conscious about that when we were in Ottawa. She asked her auntie Stella if she could wear one of Alex's shorts (as I didn't bring any of hers, not that she really has any) and she ended up wearing these shorts, size 3. They fit her to a tee! Could this be the start to Kiki wearing pants again? Hm.. quite possibly not. lol.

May 24, 2011

victoria day weekend, our nation's capital pt I

this weekend was spent bouncing endlessly in the trampoline...
my morning glory..
there was also tons of pirate play!
ready to go..
hard to capture the lil' dude..
the imp
Kiki and her Papa.. they are alike in oh so many ways! 
Tulips, tulips and more tulips..

Home-made fudge..

Dows Lake

Dows Lake Pavilion

Hiya everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We've been enjoying a long weekend here, Victoria Day and spent it happily with friends. First stop, admiring and enjoying the last of the Tulip Festival in our nation's capital, Ottawa. It's one of the world's largest tulip festivals with over 1 million tulips planted throughout the city. These tulips were first given to Canada by the Dutch royal family in gratitude for our country sheltering the Princess and her daughters during World War II.

Sadly, after all the rain & wind we've been having, the tulips were on their last legs. But some were still going strong and flowering beautifully. We walked along the Dows Lake and stopped for refreshments at the Dows Lake pavilion (we so needed that!). The day was perfect; sunny, dry and hot.

We love spending time with our family here. We're not blood relatives but we've been close ever since childhood. We are part of each other's memories and families. Keira and Alex spent endless hours bouncing, tumbling and jumping in the trampoline. I can't wait to get one for ourselves, it is a lot of exercise and fun!

Sweet Shot Day