November 30, 2011

sweet birthday cake - jag's sweet delights

Jag's Sweet Delight

One of the shows (that doesn't involve Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez or any other Disney personalities) Keira and I love to watch together is... Cake Boss with Buddy and now, The Next Great Baker. We get all nervous when they have to move the cakes and while the show's going on, Keira will grab whatever's around and 'make' her own cake (like, um, doing her own fairy themed 'cake' out of the kleenex box, christmas ornaments and paper).

I saw this incredible cupcake cake on Jag's Sweet Delights and I knew Keira would love it!

Jag is the owner and baker behind Jag's Sweet Delights and she is personable, incredibly professional and oh so nice. She even came up with alternative cake designs for me and while I loved them all, I just knew the cupcake version was the one. She even made an eggless mini cupcake version of the cake for one of Keira's friends who is allergic to eggs (and let me tell you, there were tears and fighting over those 2 mini cupcakes!).

As most of my friends know, I don't really like cake but I have to say, I ate a huge slice of this one! Seriously moist & chocolately with yummy buttercream frosting. You can see a slice leftover in the photo above but honestly, there was nothing left afterwards but crumbs. The kids all had seconds and some of the parents were secretly hoping there would be enough for seconds for them too (there was, barely).

Can you see Keira's reaction to her cake? Can you see everyone else's reaction too? They LOVED this cake! It was the highlight of the party. Keira especially loved the heart with her name on it.

Thank you so much Jag for making my little girl's day that much more special! 

If you're thinking of having a special cake made for your birthday, wedding or special occasion, I would highly recommend Jag's Sweet Delights! They don't just make kiddie birthday cakes.
Check out their website and especially their Gallery: Jag's Sweet Delights
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Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

aw, so glad she a had such sweet cake, she deserves it! What a little cutie! Looks like it was the party of the year :)

Lia Chen said...

Awesome cake! Keira looks very happy with her friends. Only 2 mini cupcakes? I will fight over those 2 minis too LOL :D

Fei An said...

Yummy!!!!How delicious. I have not tasted cake for a long time. Dear ChantaleP, are you another lady who just eats whatever you like and don't need to worry about the weight issue? I guess so. K is so tall and skinny, and this must come from her mother. Seriously admiring...

ChantaleP said...

Oh sweet Fei, I only wish that were true! I used to be able to eat anything and never gain weight. Alas, no longer true. : ( And Keira gets her everything from her Papa! lol. : )

kribss said...

I love strawberry, i love shortcake, i love birthdays and i love cake! where's my slice????? super cute- kaylee would love it too!

Jag Patel said...

Wow, I am so thankful for being part of this day! I love baking and decorating, but I especially love making desserts for children. Their faces get excited when they see the finished product and they always adore and remember me - the cake lady! Thank you once again Chantal, I really appreciate it! If I had half of your design talent, then who know's where I would be. You truly have a gift :)

Rachelle said...

Wow, what an AMAZING Cake! Sweet Keira looks like she had such a wonderful Birthday!! xo

sheri fujihara chen said...

Why oh why did I click here now? I'm in tears myself because there's no slice of that dark dark chocolatey cake for me! That "giant" cupcake is darling! Glad the sweetie had a sweet day!

Petit a Petit and family said...

Happy Be-Lated Birthday Keira!!! Looks like you had a blast... I hope you have a splendid year full of fun and surprises!
hugs and kisses from one of your fans!!!

MarieLaure said...

un chouette anniversaire!!!!!!!!
et de très très belles photos!
tout ce que j'aime!!!!
Bisous à Keira

KLT said...

I love seeing all of the faces of the excited guests! Looks like a wonderful party! What a lovely cake.... :)