November 6, 2011

ski stance

ski stance!

Have you turned back the clock? Is that not the most annoying and confusing thing ever? I barely felt the weekend. The usual running around but we did spend time with family and got Keira her skis for the upcoming winter season. She'll be starting ski lessons in January but it's better to get skis now before everything is gone. Buying new skis at this age is pretty moot and useless as kids will outgrow the boots and skis by next season so we rent. You can either rent older or new models. Le Papa decided to rent his princesse new skis so she could choose what she wanted. Hm. Whodathunk she'd choose skis with a hummingbird and flowers on it? Uh huh.

And now, 3 whole days with my buhbee! Who cares if I have to work a bit from home... 3 whole days with my Kiki!


KLT said...

Fun! I've only just gone cross country skiing twice- which is a little unheard of considering I live so close to the mountains. I hope she has a wonderful time in January! Ohh, hummingbird skis mean faster skiing, right? Enjoy your time at home Chantale!

Sari - MrsAgatha said...

I know, it feels so stupid to buy ice skates for my son as he uses them only for one winter and the next they are too small. We have this thrift store here that sells only sport-stuff so we'll get him a pair from there. The items there are used but don't look like it.

I'm today home with my boy, I must work too but it's still fun! =)