November 27, 2011

our junior 2 girl!

goodbye jnr1, hello jnr2!

Hooray! Keira passed her swimming and has graduated to level Junior 2! 
What a long way she's come from being that tiny 3 year old who hated being in the water and turned blue the instant her feet touched the water. Who redid at least 3 levels because she didn't like putting her head under water and was indignant every time her swim instructors deflated her floater. Now look at her!
We call her the torpedo and barracuda because she loves being underwater and silently kicks her way from one end of the pool to the other. We can't wait to see her continue her love for the pool and start learning the side stroke. Whoohoo!


KLT said...

Yay! Oh, look at little K - so cute! Congrats!! :)

Audrey said...

Awesome work Keira! Congratulations!

MarieLaure said...

Congratulations to Keira!!!
Weldone !!!

Yobodish said...

Kudos to Keira! And, as always, beautiful pics.

ChantaleP said...

I'm so proud of her too. : )