October 6, 2011

retro toys

scratch & erase
scratch & erase
scratch & erase

Can these really be called 'retro'? Some of the toys I used to love playing with when I was a kid, seems to be resurfacing right now and being loved all over again by a new generation. While yo-yo's, Barbies, cars and hacky sacks have never gone out of style some others disappeared completely off the shelves the last few years.

How about this thing (what in heck was this thing ever called?!).. where you scratched & drew on it, then lifted the top layer off to erase it and start all over again? We got this flash from the past toy in a treasure chest freebie toy bin for kids at a local restaurant. Keira loves it.

And recently, Keira has been coming home with even more bruises and cuts than usual from school. Was she pushed around? Shoved to the ground by a big bad bully? Nah. She's been practicing climbing on the monkey bars (now that she's gotten taller) and falling, getting back up and doing it all over again. Last week she came home with 2 scraped knees (one bandaged up). When I asked her what happened she told me that she was playing with 'this thing that you put on your foot, around your cheville (ankle) and you make it go around and you jump'. Hey man, that's the lemon twister! Remember those? I was obsessed with mine when I was younger. She then asked me to buy her one so she could practice and not fall again. I tried to find it online but I couldn't for the life of me know what they market the 'lemon twister' today. Facebook to the rescue and my friends let me know it's called Skip It (how boring is that?!) and my sister let me know that it could be found at ToysRUs. Actually, my sister bought it for me since I couldn't find it myself.

What have you been seeing lately that reminds you of your childhood?


Sari - MrsAgatha said...

The toys I loved to play with when I was young are so IN right now that I keep seeing something similar all the time... Like yo-yo's you mentioned! ;D Even the candy I loved as a kid is now being sold in the shops... Old is so in at the moment... =D

And So I Whisper said...

I remember those!!! I used to love them.

ChantaleP said...

What goes around comes around right? : )

Jen C said...

I love old school toys! Ellie and I jump roped this past weekend. So fun!

Leah Nelson said...

Chantal, check out this DIY lemon twister. Looks like hella fun!


Bubby Makes Three said...

your pictures are just gorgeous! I saw scratch 'n' sniffy stickers the other day, that broguht back memories of primary school all over! I remember the peanut butter one and the popcorn one like it was yesterday...... x

Kenziepoo said...

Keira, is just too cute! Love those scratch n snif stickers!! xo

Susan Yuen said...

Oh my gosh, I totally loved those as a kid! I don't see them around anymore. :( I used to love those magnetic Wooly Willy sand pads too.