October 1, 2011

just chill

My little joker, showing me some animals she played in her after school 'arts dramatique' class. This is her mischievous swan (or maybe duck?).
bite meKiki's 'bite me' stare.

Saturday morning and there was a chill in the air. October 1st and boy did Mother Nature let us know it! What do you do when it's chilly & raining outside? We headed out to my sister's place for supper, that's what we did! Forget the design layouts I ran out of time doing at work and brought home to finish this weekend. Just for this weekend, just for this Saturday... no work. Just me. Just family. Just rain.

Just chill.

piano timeKeira is constantly attracted to pianos and loves to try her hand at it. We really need to get her piano lessons.
playin the keys any which way


KLT said...

It was chilly & rainy here too. Both S & I are feeling a bit "icky" so the two of us cuddled & watched a movie (while C was at work)- then went for a little walk in the drizzle. Yep, I agree- no work for me today... just today. Sounds like we had a similar Saturday. Love pianos too. My grandma used to have one that I would play on. That last photo I can almost hear. Have a great Sunday C!

sheri fujihara chen said...

Except for the chill in the air, family is what we "did" today too. Just chilled. Love days like this; enjoy tomorrow too - all of you!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of Keira on the Perks Family piano.....piano is now celebrating 63 years !!!! 63 years of entertaining the family!!! The tradition continues.

Sister C+

Fei An said...

The first picture of K is so cool!:)
I am amazed that K plays piano as well!

ChantaleP said...

Fei: Oh no, she doesn't play the piano.. yet. lol. She only just learned 'chopsticks' from her uncle this weekend!

ChantaleP said...

Sis: I love this piano.. It's beautiful. Keira did notice that one key does not not stay back up though and she did not break it. It was already like that. lol.