October 22, 2011

fall accessories

Pom Pom necklace, Fournier
Pom Pom necklace, Fournier

Has it already been a week since my last post? I've been so busy at work that I come home with too much buzzing around in my head without it making much sense at all. Ever had that feeling? The good news is that the big project at work is done! The bad news is.. that's not the only rush deadline I have. Boo.

A few weeks ago, I saw this unusual and fun necklace from Anabel's Fournier line and it was just a 'coup de foudre'! I had to have it. It came in the post a while ago and I've been wearing it to work. I love getting that double-take look when I wear it and the smiles and questions of, 'where'd you get that?'.

Grettel necklace, Fournier
Grettel necklace, Fournier
Grettel necklace, Fournier

Anabel has been so incredibly kind to us (Keira & I) that even though I had only ordered the PomPom necklace, she put in a special little something for Keira as well. Really, we do not deserve that but we're humbled and appreciate this incredible kindness. Thank you so much Anabel!

This necklace is just a fun way to dress up my fall wardrobe and Keira has been loving wearing her pink 'shroom necklace as well! For all those long days at work, this necklace made me feel dressed up (even though I had dark circles under my eyes) and made me smile.

There are some gorgeous accessories in the most luscious jewel-toned colours in Anabel's fall collection, you need only head to her online shop to check them out and add to your fall wardrobe!

Anabel has also been recently featured over at Babyccino Kids! Read the feature here: babyccinokids.com/blog/2011/10/13/fournier



Sari - MrsAgatha said...

Those necklaces are kinda cool! =)

Fei An said...

Those necklaces are really coo!:)
It looks nice on K:)
Thanks for the link. good inspiration!

MarieLaure said...

très joli collier !!! j'adore!!
Très bonne semaine à toi!
Gros bisous sous la pluie

Audrey said...

Very cool necklaces! Happy that it is putting a smile on your face.
I don't know how you work so much and have all the energy to do all the fun stuff with Keira. Seriously. I worked Monday and Tuesday and i feel like a zombie. Hope things slow down for you at work.