September 26, 2011

Tomato #twitterfoodparty

small bountyOur mini garden bounty
basil, cherry tomato, mini eggplant pizzaBasil, cherry tomato & mini aubergine (eggplant)
She's all about the sauce!
sundried tomato pizzaSundried tomato pizza

I made it! Well, I made it to this month's twitter food party (which I usually don't make it to) but we, as in Keira and I, made it! This month's twitter food party as hosted by the ever talented and wonderful LovelyLanvin. This month's theme: tomatoes!

About 2 weeks ago, Keira and I made home-made pizza together. I'm surprised there was any pizza sauce leftover to use on our pizzas as Keira usually spoons it out and eats it before it gets spread out. lol.

I used the baby sized aubergines (eggplants) and tomatoes from our garden that I had pre-baked with course salt and olive oil with fresh basil. Keira's version is straight up sauce, pepperoni and cheese. We didn't make the dough but instead bought it at our local deli who makes it fresh pretty much daily.

garden tomato + goat cheese

This weekend, I also made a tomato + goat cheese toasted sandwich. Our tomatoes are so tasty, packed with flavour without the big pockets of seeds and water like you get with the supermarket variety. Add some goat cheese to the toasted bread and you get this mouth watering bite of fresh tomato with warm creamy goat cheese, mmmmm...

Get in on the action and join the #twitterfoodparty!


Shirley said...

That is soooo sweet!! Thank you for the mention :) now I want one of those pizzas!

Jen C said...

I love this! The twitter party sounds like serious fun.

Oh and may I say, the pizza looks delish. I'm betting Keira is quite the chef.

Fei An said...

I love this sets of pictures: so lovely and lively, I mean, I can feel your beautiful life.

So sweet of Kiki! :)

sheri fujihara chen said...

Love the tomato mini pizza partnership!! Fantastic contribution to twittertomatoparty!!

bron @ baby space said...

yuuum. and I really enjoyed these pictures. def could be a little story book album :)

ChantaleP said...

Thanks ladies! Cooking with Keira, you need to leave your OCD tendencies behind and just go with the flow (and the mess). lol. Flour, sauce and cheese everywhere but we had so much fun together. Which is the point right?