September 13, 2011

mini rodini + shak shuka = mixmatch heaven

peacocks & pink birdie

As Keira pointed out to me recently, Fall is a'comin. Leaves are starting to fall (a bit) and turn yellow (slightly). I can't bear to think of it! I find dresses so much easier to deal with for Keira. Nothing that will hang off her shoulders or fall off her waistline. Just slip on and go! Accessorize with a skinny belt or baubles around her neck. That's it. When I saw the fall collection of dresses on Shak Shuka, I knew I needed to order some straightaway. Prerequisites: Long-sleeved, cotton and cool. To fit the bill? Mini Rodini to the rescue! Fell in love with their Peacock & Paris dresses. The quality is terrific and most importantly, the fit is awesome. I can't stand clothing that look amazing but have absolutely no consideration of fit and spec in mind. Especially for kids.

And once again, Shak Shuka delivered! Top quality, top customer service and in keeping with their green conscious company, the packaging is minimal in the mail. Top notch! I'm now eyeing all the gorgeous patterns on dresses from Winter Water Factory.

And thank you Shak Shuka for the wonderful extra surprise in our little package! Squeals of delight from Keira. xoxo

Shop Fall Collection over at Shak Shuka's shop: and tweet along @shak_shuka. You won't be disappointed!

To view more Mini Rodini: and tweet along @minirodini.


KLT said...

Love Mini Rodini & Shak Shuka! Lucky Keira... :) Perfect fit indeed.

And So I Whisper said...

Very cute dress. Sure she's gonna enjoy it this fall/winter.

pa[u] said...

J'adore cette robe !!!!
je l'avais déjà reperée pour ma petite bouclètes qui aime les peacocks!!
Très belle Keira!

Sandy a la Mode said...

she is soo soo pretty!! like a little lady!!

Kate said...

Just love these!! So so cute! Must check out the shop now.

sheri fujihara chen said...

Super cute fluttery sleeve detail! Love it!

Lindsey said...

Loving that peacock dress. My girl doesn't like jeans, so there is a lot of dress-wearing for her. These sound perfect. :)

Lottaspace said...

Cute dress and girl! I love shakshuka to! My favourites on my blog yoday :-)

minor de:tales said...

Lovely dress on a lovely gal! I am curious, I love that font that is on the first picture, do you know the name of that??