September 22, 2011

happy friday friends!

it takes a village
sweet shop + ballet studio

Has a week gone by already? It felt as if it went by both quickly and slowly at the same time. Make sense? Mmmhm. Me neither.

Keira has been creating this 'village' for about a week now. Every morning before school and every night, she keeps adding, placing, replacing shops, studios, homes & buildings comprised of every single Pet Shop, Little Critters, Polly Pockets and who knows what else. She calls it her village. People eat cakes in the cake shop, have ballet in the studio and even go to school (you can't see the school, it's her Rapunzel tower father off)! Her brain, it's a-growin'!

cooking class #1

Keira also had her first cooking class this week and came home with these goodies: mango chicken with cream cheese baguette sandwich and an orange smoothie. She wasn't too keen on the cream cheese taste but can't get enough of the smoothie. Thumbs up!

On top of the swimming, ballet, cooking and violin.. there is one extra class she wants to take: dramatic arts. We missed the registration deadline but we'll try to get her in it. Apparently, the Mister also loved to try every single thing when he was a kidster way back when. It seems the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. I am so glad and thankful I have a little girl with an adventurous spirit!

Happy Friday my friends!


And So I Whisper said...

Cooking class!!! That is so great!!! Good for her. I can imagine how fun it must have been.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

KLT said...

Oh how awesome! It would be great to have S take a cooking class sometime too. Funny S makes little firehouse villages around his room & house. They get so big I can barely walk. But I love hearing the stories too. Enjoy that yummy sandwich & smoothie! Yes, very cool you have a little adventurer! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.