July 20, 2011

summer lovin'

summer fun
My sister sent me these pics of all the fun that was had..
There is nothing more that I'm grateful for than my family. It's been such a hectic month and as complained mentioned in a previous post, work has been non stop as well. So much so, that I have had to work pretty much every single night for about a week or two. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have a job but I wish it weren't jammed into such a short period of time.

So while the Mister went off on a business trip, my sister took Keira for 3 whole days! Three whole days of summer fun with her cousins and neighborhood friends, of my sister's amazing cooking & parenting skills. Remember the movie Freaky Friday (no, not the remake version with Lindsay Lohan, I'm talking the original stuffs with Jodie Foster)? Yeah, I pretty much wished I were in Keira's flip flops for those 3 days.

Did she give me a hug and kiss before she left? Um, nope. Did she hug and kiss her Papa when he dropped her off? Um, she had to be gently 'reminded' to. What she wanted was to get on to the business of summer fun! Never mind the parents who missed her like crazy. lol. Apparently, she listened, she behaved, she ate well, she had fun. Can't ask for more!

All thanks to my amazing sister, brother in law and my nephews for taking care of my little taco.


Paul & Paula ★ said...

lovely bunch of small people :)

I would miss mine so much too...

And So I Whisper said...

What a blessing to have your sister nearby. By the photos it looks like they really had serious fun :-) and better if you say that there was eating involved.
Love the photos of the five kids ready to jump in the pool!!

Susan Yuen said...

Awww, great pictures!!! Nothing better than summer fun with the cousins. You must have missed her a bunch, I'm the same way too. :( Sorry to hear about your crazy work schedule. I hope you'll be able to get some rest soon.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at your blog, Chantal.....I do cook and bake well but haveing great "parenting skills". I'll tell you what my parenting skill style is: the MILITARY WAY or the HIGHWAY !!! Scare the kids with my yelling to stop doing this or stop doing that.

Keira knows when to stop by just looking at my face. When I say something: the kids shut up and listen....LOL! I may have psychologically scared her for life.

Big Sis C+

Lia Chen said...

The kids are so adorable! Can see that they enjoyed their summer fun so much. Hopefully you can take a break from work too soon (^.^)

ChantaleP said...

Chris: Haha! Y'know what? This morning I did ask her why she does everything you say and not me. lol. With you it's "yes ma'am" with me it's an exasperated sigh..

marielaure said...

c'est génial de vivre de bons moments avec les cousins et les cousines...de bien jolis souvenirs pour ta fille !
je lui souhaite de bonnes vacances et qu'elle en profite!!!
Bon courage à toi pour ta surcharge de travail...tu es en vacances bientôt?...Bisous bisous