July 2, 2011

Oh Canada!

It was a memorable Canada Day! We spent it with friends in Ottawa. Did we see Will & Kate? Nah, who wants to get stuck in all that mass of crazy? We spent a day and a half out in nature, swimming and bbq'ing. Then we went out and enjoyed some fun, some more food, live music and la pièce de la résistance... fireworks! And the kids stayed up for it! Though they were some kind of cranky during parts of the day cuz they didn't sleep long enough the night before.. One of the sweetest moments of our day? When Alex whispered to me, "I wish Keira was my sister". Aw.. *melt*.

Here's our day in photos. Enjoy!

Thank you Shak Shuka & Shampoodle for this awesome one piece!

"Oh Canada!"

A day is not complete without a henna tattoo

There were no crazy line-ups because you had to pay for each activity. This is either one of the darndest things or the smartest moves by the organizers in keeping the lines in check. Probably both.
What's a summer day without a Mr Freezy?!

Keira movin' to the music!


Ana Degenaar said...

Happy Canada Day!

Ana Degenaar said...

I just wanted to drop by again and thank you for coming and commenting on my blog, you really brighten up my day.

KLT said...

Happy Canada Day Chantale! Looks like you had a lot of FUN! Love this last picture. So nice that Alex & Keira have such sweet memories. Enjoy your Sunday! :)

jozen said...

LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!! and yay a fellow canadian.. though i hail from the west.. beautiful vancouver, bc!!!