June 3, 2011

happy friday!

Kiki helping out her Papa
This is one whack-job trampoline and hellish to put together!
2.5 hours + cuts + bruises + a lot of @#$%^& later....
A very happy Keikster this morning!
We just need to get the protective net up..

It's finally Friday! How was your week everyone? Hopefully it was good.

Wednesday, I realized that it was my wedding anniversary. Nine years! I can be a sentimental gal but I'm not into the frou-frou. I'm past the, 'he better get me something romantic!' or 'we better go out to some fancy restaurant or he's going to regret it!' stage. What I do absolutely love and what makes me really happy is a chance for the two of us to get away to the cinema, cozy up together and watch a flick. I also love just celebrating en trio: me, the mister and the Keikster together. A chance to eat out together, an evening staying in at home.. whatever. As long as we're together, that's what makes me feel really content.

So on our wedding anniversary day, we had already organized for the mister to head on over to his brother's place to bring home the big trampoline that was no longer in use by my brother in law's kids. Keira has been wanting a trampoline so badly! And last night, after a few cuts and bruises (the mister), we put it together for her. All we need to do now is put up the protective net around the trampoline.

Let's see, the week started off a bit rocky but what with our wonderful, Godiva chocolate-gorging anniversary evening (a big box of it was waiting for Keira & I when we got home!), getting the trampoline and putting it together, a Woody book in the mail from a very thoughtful friend, finding out I won a fantastic giveaway, a super lunch out on a terrasse in the sun with coworkers this week and another lunch out today.. I can honestly say that my week is ending on a very good note. And for that, I'm grateful!

Hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend!


And So I Whisper said...

I'm very happy to hear that you had a great week, and also that the trampoline is now up! She looks so happy!
Have a great weekend!

Paul & Paula ★ said...

sounds great honey and with this trampoline you gonna be sure Lil Keira will sleep like a stone!!!
so even more time for you and the chocolates...haha
Have a great week end!

ChantaleP said...

Thanks Anabel! Lots of bouncing this weekend, that's for sure. : )

kribss said...

aww thats awesome! and you deserve a great week and weekend filled with godiva....mmmm.... their chocolate covered strawberries are to die for!

lula honey said...

i love her hair in the pictures :) have an awesome weekend chantal! xo

Isa said...

Happy anniversary!

(And oh my, my girls would love that trampoline!!)


Happy Happy Anniversary, Chantale! So happy for the three of you. And happy bouncing! :D

MarieLaure said...

trop de la balle!!!
et bon trampoline à ta puce!!
qui a l'air de s'éclater avec !!!

Alely said...

good to hear your week ended well! my kids loved the trampoline. now that they are older they don't use it much except maybe for the 13 year old and that's rare. however, we do have the neighborhood little coming over to enjoy it.