June 15, 2011

bendaroos, cuts & scrapes & piles of paper

This is the second to last week of school for Keira. All kinds of papers, crafts and homework books have been coming home. Piles and piles of them that we've been loving going through and seeing Keira's progress throughout the year.

I came home with these Bendaroos wax sticks for Keira and we've been having fun making pirate penguins, tomato planets and rocket ships! It also keeps the kiddo occupied while I'm frantically trying to figure out and make supper meals. The wax sticks are really fun to play with!

Some of the things Keira has been coming home with doesn't involve paper or grades but rather cuts, bruises and scrapes. Plenty of them all over her knees, legs and arms. Her major scrape (and I mean one of those disgusting top couple of layers of skin came off type of deals) came via playing cosom hockey outside.

Tomorrow is pizza/movie night at school and she gets to wear street clothes! I'm hoping she won't pick anything too sparkly to wear to school..


And So I Whisper said...

those Bemdaroos look like real fun. I have not seen them before. Will def show them to my daughter.

MarieLaure said...

un gros bisous pour bien cicatriser
ses petits bobos.
pauvre chérie.


The last photo of Keira is one of the most beautiful photo I've seen of her, and there are many! She looks so pensive. It's so gorgeous. So good, Chantale!