May 15, 2011

sunday night wipe-out

spring tulips!

"oh yeah.."
"it broke!"
It's Sunday night and I am seriously wiped out! I've just ended a 3 day wacko marathon of play dates and sleepovers which is just about all you can plan when the weekend has been nothing but endless rain & grey weather. Keira has close friends from school who live nearby and there's been a rotating and melting of conjunction of friends since Friday. Miss C has just left and after cleaning up I'm about to hit the sack myself.

We did have a brief respite yesterday when Keira and Miss B were invited over Miss C's house for the afternoon and we also went shopping today. I wanted to get Keira some more leggings since she doesn't seem to mind wearing them (though there is the occasional "they're falling!!" madness) and I ended up at Gap Kids because these caught my eye. I ended up buying the leggings there and a new dress on sale. After a few lackluster seasons and staying away from Gap Kids.. I was pleasantly surprised to see some terrific summer clothes for kids there today. I really wanted to get these super soft slim jeans for Keira and just when I thought I had her fooled into thinking they were leggings, she gave me her super serious voice and said, "They. Are. Pants." and walked away. Sigh.. I got the white jeggings though! haha..

Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend!


Paul & Paula ★ said...

don't fool your kids LOL
btw I have these super skinnies for mine and she loves them...

and that no fringe... funny how it changes a face completely. still beautiful but she is just ome os these lucky people how look adorable with a fringe :)

Happy week!

MarieLaure said...

love your bag !
Have a nice day
little kiss to your Princess

CdP said...

Here we say : " le regard qui tue!"

kribss said...

sounds like you + the fam had a great weekend! i love keira's expressions- what a beautiful girl!

Bron said...

Ha ha! Pants. Those colours suit her :)

Baby Blackbird said...

She is so beautiful!

ChantaleP said...

Aw.. thank you!