May 31, 2011

fournier by anabel fournier

Keira wears: Halter top made by me, Double Strand African Bead Wax necklace: Fournier

Keira wears: Christine necklace by Fournier
Halter top made by me paired with Zara denim mini, Christine necklace by Fournier.
These beautiful necklaces are hand-made beauties from Fournier, the company Anabel Fournier founded. I'm already a big fan of her blog And So I Whisper but I'm also a big fan of her company's clothing and accessories, hand-made with a social conscious behind them. Remember the Tooth Fairy crochet plush she sent Keira (read that post here)? Well, Keira's about to lose about 3 or 4 teeth now and it's going to come in handy very soon!

I've been seeing Fournier products on Anabel's website and blog for a while now and as soon as I heard she had opened her own online shop, well, I headed there straight away and ordered these gorgeous necklaces! One is a double stranded beaded necklace, wrapped in an african wax print which I bought for Keira but have been wearing for myself ever since it arrived and the other is the fabulous and extremely soft & luxurious Christine necklace. I have to admit, it is extremely hard not to order more than 2 at a time! They are all so gorgeous.

Keira chose this necklace to wear to dinner with her tante Loulou & Grandmaman
Lovely detailing of Christine necklace...
As I've gotten older, I no longer buy things just to have them. I like to know the provenance behind the products and more importantly, the person or team behind it as well. I like to buy lasting pieces that will stand the test of time... and trends. What I love about Anabel's company is that each piece is hand-made by an artisan, living in Bolivia. Some of these women may live in poverty but they've been given a chance to make a living from their artwork and we are given a chance to fall in love with these heritage pieces. I know I will keep wearing my necklaces for years to come and hopefully take good care of them so Keira will enjoy wearing them now and later in life. You can read more about these incredible artisans on her blog here:

Do you love? Are you loving? Head over here to her online shop to browse and purchase: There is more to her shop than beautiful accessories! There are beautiful scarves, boys and girls clothing made of softest cottons and yarns, layettes, booties and more..
For more on Anabel's daily living and inspirations, head on over to her blog: And So I Whisper

And if you think that taking style shots of Keira is easy peasy, check out a few of the out-takes below. Cuz that's usually what I get out of her about 90% of the time! haha.

Sweet Shot Day


Paul & Paula ★ said...

super super sweet and such lovely colours
perfect combination with the handmade top and that georgous necklace... and how cool you can already share some pieces...wait another couple of years and you will share your drawer :)

MrsAgatha/Sari said...

Those necklaces are so lovely! And well, so is the models! :D

pa[u] said...

oh!!! joliiiii!
à ce que je vois l'été est arrivé!

vanessa boz said...

my favorite photos...the last 3! Love Anabel's work too xx

lula honey said...


kimmyskids said...

Pretty products and a pretty model!

MarieLaure said...

J'adore,j'adore et j'adore!!!

sheri fujihara chen said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. That is all.

Bron said...

he he, glad its not only my wee ones that are goofy for the camera. Great job with the top -- and cute accessories!

ChantaleP said...

Thanks so much everyone! I hope you all had a chance to visit the Fournier site. : )

Alely said...

she is just too stinkin' cute!!!!!!