April 17, 2011

sunday celebration

We celebrated Keira's Grandmaman's birthday today. She turned ninety! Good thing she doesn't read this blog (or else she'd kill me for writing that!). But hey, she looks damn good for 90. She's a feisty lady (she attributes this to her irish blood). Keira made her Grandmaman a birthday card and I made the paper flower that a good friend sent to us (Thanks so much Katie!).

Keira spent the entire time joking around with her tante Loulou and of course, took sweet care of her little cousin Florence (actually, Keira is cousins with Florence's daddy!). She is always so sweet and patient with her little cousin and today, we often heard Keira shout out, "don't worry! I'm taking care of her!" as they walked off together to either the little room with the piano or the sunroom in the back.

Florence is going to be a big sister soon (her mom is about to pop a baby anytime! I predict either tomorrow or Wednesday latest). Keira is pretty curious to meet him.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

My little paper flower craft made possible by the wonderful Katie
Keira's birthday card to her Grandmaman.. 
Sweet Florence
Florence and her Maman.. 



Happy Birthday to Grandmama! 90—that's awesome! She looks stunning. I hope that when I'm her age, I'll be this lucky to be surrounded by all the loveliest people. And Keira is the sweetest. She melts my heart <3

And So I Whisper said...

Happy Birthday to Grams!!! She looks very good and healthy. So nice that you can celebrate with her.
Wishing you a lovely day.

marielaure said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Grandma !!!
Wishing you
also a great day !!!!!!!

Katie said...

Wow, I'm famous! The flower looks super cute, as do your photos. Very sweet!

AJ said...

Love your shots...beautiful tones!

theScandinavianMum said...

Gorgeous pics!

Audrey said...

Happy 90th Birthday Grandmaman!!! wow, she looks fantastic!