March 26, 2011

one last peek, bento4japan

Here's a last look at these bento boxes that were auctioned off on Ebay for Bento4Japan! These two are going home to their new owners who were generous in their bids. I've added a little something extra for each of them as a Thank You. You can continue to bid on some fantastic bento items on Bento4Japan's Ebay listing.. All proceeds go towards Japan Relief Fund! Happy bidding..

For an update on how much Bento4Japan has raised so far, please go to or! You will be amazed at how much has been raised so far. Thank you to everyone who's participated & bought our items!


sheri fujihara chen said...

Chantale, you're awesome.
So excited to see how much we reaching people! xoxo

ChantaleP said...

So are you Sheri! I hope the ladies receiving these will love it. Cuz it was hard to say goodbye.. lol.

karaimame said...

Astonishing, so careful wrapped and so stylish!
Thank you for everything Chantale, you ladies are the most adorable people I have ever met ^^

coolkids said...

This is so awesome! Love the bento boxes and what a great idea!!