March 11, 2011

happy friday!

Friday.. friday? Fri-haha-daaaaay.... Oh I am ever so happy! It's been a productive week.
We were thinking family ski day this weekend but snow has turned to rain which amounts to.. not much great stuff on the local slopes. but! The kiddo has a birthday party tomorrow. Yay! She's gonna have some kind of rootin' tootin' wild fun.

What plans have you for this weekend? I wish you all a double dose of some chillaxing!


Alely said...

my daily dose of friday morning fun! love this one. i'm a big fan of toy story : ).

skiing sounded like the perfect weekend thing to do but sad that the snow turned to rain for you. boo.

i've got a few orders i'm still working on so i will be creating this weekend. that's chillaxing for me.

have a good one friend!

Jennifer said...

This weekend we're heading to a sixth birthday party. After that, we're going to take it easy. I'm happy to have a weekend that's rather freeeeee!!! Yay!

Happy Friday!

KLT said...

Happy Friday Chantale! Sayer has announced that he LOVES Jessie (from Toy Story) - she sort of goes everywhere with him lately. Nice to see her here. :) Yes, it would be nice to chillax... but not sure it that will happen quite yet- just working on orders in between playing with S. However, I find sewing somewhat a chillaxing activitiy - so there you go. Hope you guys get to ski this weekend! Have fun whatever you do!!