March 1, 2011

adam turns 6!

This sweet dude in blue turned SIX this weekend! I can't believe it. I was sick as a dog on Saturday but didn't want to miss Adam's birthday and Keira was just itching to see her cousins again. Luckily, there wasn't a basketcase full of kids at this party. Just a very manageable 7. Whew. I don't even know why I'm saying whew cuz I didn't do any of the work. haha! My sister & brother in law did everything. A game of snow hockey, some disco dancing in the basement (Keira's FAVE!), pizza eating & the pièce de la résistance: Optimus Prime piñata! And did the kids go at it. I'm surprised no one got hurt. Well, something did get hurt: Priiiiiiiiiime..

Happy birthday my sweet wonderful nephew!

The requisite photo with Halmoni (Grandmaman): Keira, Halmoni, Adam & Caleb
Adam shows his daddy how it's done! Okay, maybe daddy shows Adam how it's done.. for now.]
Butterfly stance à la Patrick Roy! Also a good Brodeur don't you think?
Sweet Caleb..
Keira with Miss K!
The snow tunnel..
Prime in his prime. The Before..
Eeep! The After: RIP Optimus Prime.

I'm gonna smash this piñata tonight baby!
Keira's makes a go at it!
Control freak Adam divvies out the goodies..
The home-made chocolate cake!
So here is Adam in 6:
1. Rambunctious!
2. Spidey-freak
3. So sweet & lovable!
4. Very articulate smooth talker
5. Loves to see how things are made
5. Can ninja slayer dance like nobody's business! (see video below)

Basement Boogy from ChantaleP on Vimeo.


And So I Whisper said...

What a fun party! The pinata is definitely a must at every kid's party... I have lived in places where pinatas are not available and have ended up making them.

Lia Chen said...

Fun pictures! And the video just crack me up LOL ... Show this video to K when she is big. Wonder what she will say to you :D

MrsAgatha said...

Wow, those ninja slayer moves are too cool for words. The nunchuk thing was my fave!
And of course Special K was great too! :D

Jen said...

Looks like someone had a great birthday!! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Oh, and pop by for my perfume GIVEAWAY!!