February 19, 2011

sweet saturday

Personalizing the birthday card.. 
Wondering what's wrapped up? Starts with B, ends in E. 

Today is birthday party 1 of 3 that Keira was invited to. The party's being held at a bowling alley! Keira wanted to wear this dress (which is actually a long top) with just tights but it's gotten quite short. So I made her put on the one pair of leggings I bought her (of which I took apart the waistband to adjust it to her waist size) and before she could rip them off and start arguing about how they don't fit and how only boys wear pants, Miss B came by and in all the excitement that followed, she kept the leggings on. hehehe..

What could be better than a birthday party break? A sleepover afterwards! A single sweet day to ourselves.. and we plan to take advantage of it. Ah.. sweet Saturday.


And So I Whisper said...

Have a nice Saturday!

KLT said...

We both have our kiddos off to a sleepover this weekend! Cheers to some fun adult time. Have a good Saturday Chantale! :)

joyce said...

can't wait for when the boys are old enough for sleepovers!!!

MarieLaure said...

trop trop belle ta puce!!!

Audrey said...

Ahhh the day sounds perfect for both you and Keira. My girls have running shoes almost exactly the same as Keira's. And they love zhu zhu pets too. I swear they would get along so well.

ALELY said...

aaaahhh....hope you enjoyed that saturday!