February 18, 2011

happy friday folks!

Friday! Need I say more? Keira has these cheese and crackers shindings but le monsieur and I are not invited. She likes to play alone at times and tells us to "va allez" (go away). Keira even put out the forks and knives here. haha! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

and Thank You all again, for really 'make my day' comments.

(so glad you can't see the mess in this photo)..


MrsAgatha said...

What a lovely little tea-party! =)

Have a nice weekend!

Amber said...

I so look forward to Fridays and your great photos, they always set me up with a chuckle for the day. Have a great weekend lovely. axx

kribss said...

ha! i love it : ) happy weekend to you!

And So I Whisper said...

Have a great weekend dear. This week was very special because of you :-)

ALELY said...

lol! i see a grown up in this household is playing with the barbie dolls as well. too cute!

happy friday friend!


ChantaleP said...

Happy weekend friends! I have fun taking photos of stuff around the playroom too.
Alely: Not if we can help it.. lol.


Woo hoo, another happy weekend. It goes by quick, doesn't it? These dolls are hilarious. Keira can up a table like no other. She's a natural!

Kenziepoo said...

Haha, this made me laugh! Love the pic...Have a great weekend Chantale!

Rachelle xo

nath said...

Hilarious !! My hair, fashion darling... fashion!!