January 10, 2011


This hashtag appears on twitter about once or twice a month amongst foodie friends and by the time I get around to seeing it, it's often times too late for me to participate, usually because of the time difference (you know, that pesky time difference between west and east coasts). But more likely than not, it's because I don't have any fresh ingredients on hand for any of the sushi/spaghetti/pancake/etc party tweetings! And by fresh I mean, on hand. lol. This is a fun way to mix up your week day suppers too! If you'd like to see and participate, head on over to twitter and follow here: @Lovelylanvin! She also has a great recipe blog: http://www.lovelylanvin.com/

Tonight, I made the Mister go out to the supermarket after work and try to get me some squash. A squash, any squash! He found and brought home the lone squash in the veggie dept: a butternut variety. Yes! Because tonight's twitter hashtag foodie party is: squash. I had wanted to try roasting squash after seeing it on Sheri's blog as well as Debra's (see here and here). I've been wanting to try roasting kabocha but.. beggars can't be choosers and butternut it was tonight!

I diced it up, pre-boiled them slightly and then tossed them up with some sweet vedalia onion sliced thinly with olive oil, cracked pepper, course salt and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Then I popped it in the oven and roasted them until they were tender and golden. Ooh the aroma! And the taste! Sweet & salty. A terrific combination in my book! To go with, I made ramen. I used a different brand than I normally make and it was a cross between ramen and soba noodles. The broth was flavourful and clear. A great base to add these squash, daikon and spicy kimchi! And that's it. My addition to the #twittersquashparty! Happy eating all!


sherimiya said...

I'm hungry now! Is it too late for me to come over?
Thanks for playing along Chantale! I love your contribution, with the balsamic roasted glistening...

Kenziepoo said...

Looks good! How fun...I want to try this!

Rachelle xo

KLT said...

Yum! Looks & sounds delicious Chantale. I want to try it too. :)

Chantale said...

Ah Sheri.. the mister did try very hard to find kabocha but.. so hard. Esp at the beginning of the week and of course, winter season.
Wish I could share this batch with all of you! I mean, seriously, it tastes really good (I surprised myself). lol.
Kristin, Rachelle.. I've got leftovers! Waiting for you both. ;p

Leah said...

What a great idea and it looks delish! Yummm!