January 29, 2011

a spaghetti bolognese saturday

"More butter please!"

We made an effort today for a little outing heading to a local lunch favourite spot. It may not be chic, rustic or glamourous but the food is good, the price is even better and it serves Keira's favourite: pasta. She pretty much finishes her bowl of spaghetti bolognese (kid's portion) along with a roll and a half (with plenty of butter smothered on, oh she's her Papa's daughter!).

You've got a lot more growing to do to catch up with Papa..
My mussels & dried tomatoes plate with penne..
We then headed to the bookstore to get all three of us something good to read but now that I think about it, I think we'll head to our local library the next time.. This is about as much activity as I could take today without full foggy-brain syndrome settling in. 


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Please come and cook me some pasta! Wow!

kribss said...

oh my- looks delish!!!

ChantaleP said...

It was delish. It always is delish. lol!