January 16, 2011

milk magazine décor nº4 :: ♡

I finally got my copy of the Milk Décor nº4 book! I've been waiting for this book for weeks and weeks. This is the Décor book that Milk Magazine puts out every year. I've waxed poetic about this print kids magazine before and I'll keep on doing it in the future. It is really the ultimate print glossy for design, fashion and lifestyle for family/kids.

Oui oui! It's Florence of Pirouette Blog! I am loving the red chairs..
Florence's beautiful girls.. I love the diy tulle pom-poms..
This Décor book is actually the first one I've bought from Milk and it didn't disappoint. I've been carrying this book with me all over the house. It's such a fascinating glimpse into these family's homes and lifestyle. And lo and behold, look who is found within: Pirouette's own Florence Rolando (see my post on her here)! My jaw dropped when I saw her incredible home. You can see how much time and effort went into creative these homes. Design? Yes. Lived in? Definitely. Untouchable and cold? No.

I love this sunny dining corner! And another surprise.. Vanessa of Boz Around blog! I've been reading all about their family travels around the world this year. You can too right here! :: http://bozaround.com/
Love the pom-pom lights here.. and the glass dome for curiosités..
This book makes me wish our city offered more flea markets and thrift stores to find 'objets' and 'des trésors'.. or it makes me itch to get out and head to Pasadena's flea, all the flea markets in NYC, the ones in the UK and back to the little thrift stores we visited a few years back in Santa Barbara on the Cali coast.

I love the overlapping textures, pops of colours & layering here.. 
Everytime I pick up this book and look again, there is something I haven't seen the minute before. It's just an incredible book and I'm so excited to keep reading it! I also feel like redoing my entire home...

These images here do not do the book justice, it is just a quality, collector's piece to be inspired and referred to again and again.

If you'd like a copy, you can still pick it up at the Milk Magazine website here: http://www.milkmagazine.net/

Or you might find it in your own local magazine shop.


Audrey said...

So cool. I am going to try and get me a copy.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Ok, well all those zingy brights I need to head on over and check it out! Thanks, Chantale!

ChantaleP said...

Hey Audrey & Will, it's a really fun book! Hope you can get one..

Filipa said...

We, at Delightfull are delighted to announce our presence at Maison & Objet, in January 2011. It is our utmost pleasure to be showing once more at this wonderful event! We can't wait to 21th to come! See you all there!


KERRY said...

I HAVE to get this!! It looks amazing! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, which has led me to your lovely blog! :-)