January 27, 2011

gettin' all scribbly

**Melt** She didn't ask me to help her spell as she usually does so this is doubly sweet for me. She tried!
Gettin' all scribbly.. and still writing backwards
Yesterday I got a call from Keira's school asking I come and pick her up. She upchucked while playing outside during break time recess. She was fine afterwards, I think she just coughed a bit too much and then.. y'know. But I went to pick her up anyways and brought her to my office. There is such a relief in being able to do this! This would not have been possible were I still working at my old office.

Here are 2 drawings that Keira drew for me yesterday. I barely glanced at them when we left but I got a huge lump in my throat when I saw the first one. Gulp! Sweetness!

I work in what's called the "Creative Kitchen" of the company, where the designers hunker down and get creative (or try to). It's one big room with all 8 of us. So bringing Keira in to work with me was.. slightly stressful. But I needn't have worried.. this kid always makes me look like an amazing parent! Even if I'm not. lol! She was as quiet as a mouse. My coworkers were quite impressed with her and thinks she is the cutest little thang. I think so too!


Layers and Layers said...

too sweet ... glad she was okay! How lovely that you were able to do that at work! I love her stacking of the colours!

xeliathyin said...

Oh so sweet!! I agree with ur coworkers, she's the cutest and very pretty and very talented girl!!

KERRY said...

oh bless, that's sooo sweet! How reassuring that you have a very child-friendly workplace...very important!

Susan Yuen said...

I love the drawings! Keira is sweet just like her mommy! :)

Isa said...

such utter sweetness put a big smile on my face today!


ChantaleP said...

Thanks ladies. : ) Susan: Keira is much sweeter than mommy. lol..
Kerry, Sharon & Xelia: thank you! It is a huge relief to me to be able to bring my girl to work without getting the evil eye. I have to admit, she's super quiet here. She did squeak out loud when I found her a Thumbelina colouring page online, she was so excited. lol
Isa: Thank you!

joyce said...

Did Keira draw that blue bunny in the first picture?!? And is that dollar signs?!?

She's super talented, as is her mama!

ChantaleP said...

Joyce: Eh no. I drew the bunny, she coloured it in. We didnt have time to get her crayons at home so she used all the highlighters I had at work. Dollar signs? Haha!! I didn't even realize! aw shucks.. : )