January 24, 2011

frankie mag ♡

Here's another magazine I've been loving of late: Frankie. An aussie print magazine. It's got a crafty feel to it and I love its non glossy pages full of crafters and artists. I want to wallpaper my office corner wall with all its pages! Their website is equally yummy :: http://www.frankie.com.au/

I love illustrations that resemble doodling..
This family caught my attention cuz I just love the name 'Taj'.
Lomo ♡!


KERRY said...

Another magazine I need to get my hand on! Thanks for all your lovely comments..and for ordering my print...I did wonder if it was you! Have a lovely day :-)

ChantaleP said...

: )

lula honey said...

eeek! i love frankie magazine too. i have a feeling we have a very similair magazine collection going on :)

Old Brand New said...

I need to find me a copy asap! Perhaps they have it here in Paris, it'll keep me busy on the plane home.

p.s. I'm so happy you bought a print from seventytree. Aren't all her prints just lovely? Which did you get? I've been wanting the BigDrop but it keeps selling out like hotcakes, not surprised!

Hope your little K feels better.