November 30, 2010

what do i do for a living?

Image from Kiwi Diary via the Studio Home site and NotCot
I love this image, typography, textual and image message. It's what I aspire to do on a daily basis.. 
Just live and enjoy life! Happy Tuesday everyone! 

And check out the Studio Home site here: (thanks Wowsa!


Leah said...

Oh I am in LOVE with this! So cute!


unha said...

it's been super crazy stressful on work front. over thanksgiving, my husband and i were talking about, how at the end, how happy and thankful we are for the family we have.

just live and enjoy life.

me like it!

KLT said...

Well said! Love the image + everything too. Thanks for introducing me to that blog! Happy Wednesday Chantale! Wow, December 1st.....

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Oh, it's wonderful. I agree :)

Chantale said...

I'm so glad we all agree. : )