November 21, 2010

a sixth year celebration!

My little taco amidst her birthday balloons
Yep, total commercial sellout! It is Keira's birthday, not mine, after all..
I didn't realize how huge this My Little Pony balloon was until it was out of it's packaging being blown up with helium. yikes!

Today was a day of celebration! We celebrated Keira's birthday today even though her birthday is actually the week after next. I based Keira's party around the availability of the face painter. The day was gorgeous, sunny and clear. Great day for a party!

The decorations I bought while we were at Pearl River Mart in chinatown during our NYC vacation.
More of our Pearl River Mart decorations
Barbie anyone?
Luckily, I had my wonderful friends helping out because having 10 kids in the house can get a little.. overwhelming. I can also say, 9 girls in the house can get crazy but at least they know how to play with toys gently. Nothing was amiss or tornado-like after they left. Well, just a bit. lol.

Keira chose this for her birthday party attire. I thought it was pretty cool.. Plus the wavy hair! This kid is all legs..
We had an almost egg-free lunch as one of the girls has an egg allergy. Turned out pretty good!
When the little ladies found out about the face painter coming.. whoa. And when the face painter arrived, they girls were jumping up and down & chanting crazily, "maquillage! maquillage! maquillage!" (makeup makeup makeup!). Let me tell you, the face painting trumped the bracelet bead-making table hands down.

Words can't describe these two together. Too cute. Bff's..
School chums & friends!
The only time they actually sat for more than 2 minutes besides eating lunch & cake later on. 
Let me tell you about this face painter because I have seen many many face painters, from here and also in the States.. this one is the ultimate! I chose Nancy Gervais, face painter and designer extraordinaire not because I've known her since my Cegep days but because I've seen her at work and I've seen her face painting. And it is incredible!! She owns and operates Doodlebug Faces and it is the best I have ever seen. Really, it's that good. She uses the best quality face paints, non toxic (and easily washable!) and based each design on what the kids wanted and coordinated the colours according to their clothes! She had a great system going where she called each kid by name and while they were waiting, I had them do their bead bracelets and put on the Barbie Fashion Fairytale movie on.

Nancy setting up her face painting table while the girls only half-heartedly stringed their bracelets. They just wanted their faces painted!
Okay, waiting is hard. Easier to wait while stuffing their mouths with strawberries, pears and chips. yum!
Not only did Nancy do the face painting but she offered tattoos too! Oh my goodness but did the girls swarm around her. lol. If you live in the Montreal area and need to add a little pizzaz to your parties? Call Nancy at Doodlebug Faces. She has great rates and does an incredible job! Check out

Keira with her Merliah (sigh, yes Barbie) face! There was a little gem stuck to her forehead but she took it off, said it was tickling her. lol.
Ooh, mysterious Miss M!
The 1 dude at this party, Alex! And he had the Jolly Roger painted on his forearm. Cool...
Proudly showing his Jolly Roger.. Aar!
Miss E on her way to becoming a Mermaid Princess..
Miss B, Keira and Miss A. Beautiful.
Miss C! Look how her face painting matches her top!
Last year for some reason, I had decided to do a 10:30-3:30 party which was killer! I didn't realize it was so long. So this year, I shortened it down to 10:30-1:30 which also made me run around like a chicken with it's head cut off because there was only so much time for the face painting, the lunch, the tattoo session, cake eating, present opening etc. By the time the last present was opened, the parents started coming by to pick up their kids! There wasn't even time for the piñata. Sadness..

Tattoo session! Plus, Ring Pop candy madness..
This photo doesn't do the tattoo justice. They were really sparkly awesome.
Also, Keira and all the girls in her class (who were also at our party) had to leave right away because they were off to another birthday party. So, everyone rushed out to get to the next event like some vacuum suctioned them all out. Sigh... the only one left with me was Miss M, who waited for her dad to pick her up. So, while I tried to clean up.. Miss M went to and from our fridge to eat and chill out in our living room, watching tv. Haha! Aw man, I love that kid. She's cool.

Barbie Diamond Castle cake! Plus the eggless chocolate version right beside with Tinkerbell on top. There were many tears on who got to keep the Tinkerbell folks. May I suggest no trinkets on cakes or.. add as many trinkets as kids so each kid gets one to go home with. 

All in all, I think Keira and her friends had a great time. There were some iffy moments like girls scrambling, crying and fighting to sit beside the birthday girl at the lunch table and a little someone who tried to make off with all of Keira's little makeup (until the other girls found out and made her give it all back!).. Apart from that, those girls and the 1 little dude were awesome.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too! I can't believe my little girl will soon be turning 6. Time flies..

I am completely beat but this weekend's work was so incredibly worth it!


Nani said...

wow it looks like you guys had so much fun! Tell K happy birthday!!!!~ oh how I wish to be 6 again.

KLT said...

Yay- What a day of fun Chantale! K looks so happy! This made me smile just looking at the pictures. Now I hope you can put your feet up and pat yourself on the back. Oh, and that is so cool that you planned ahead & got decorations when you were in NYC. You're so good! :)

Chantale said...

Aw thanks Nani. I will definitely tell K happy birthday again (on her real birth date!). lol.
Kristin! Email you soon. Keira was soo deliriously happy and content. Esp that all her friends came by. She had an awesomely great day with Alex the day before too. Yep, totally bought those decorations for her bday in New York. They were so cheap too! lol. Put my feet up? Hm.. not sure about that. : )

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow this looks like a totally rad celebration!! the face paint is sooo neat! :)

Audrey said... deserve a drink and a rest on the couch!!! Good job mama!!! That party looked like so much fun. The face painting is the most gorgeous that I have ever seen.

So happy to hear that Keira had a great birthday party.

nath said...

beautiful party!!! Happy birthday Keira. I love parties at home.... just hate the clearing out afterwards... hope you had some help ;)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

What a party! You know how to celebrate, for sure! Glad to see your little one have such fun on the lead up to her birthday!

Lia Chen said...

Happy belated birthday to K! Wonderful birthday party! Decorations and table settings look awesome. And love the face painting too! I'm sure all of your hard works just brought a big smile and happiness for Keira and her friends. Absolutely will be a good memory :)

kribss said...

awesome party mama! love the face painting + the pretty party decorations!!

[ps. don't worry about my favor, no hurry, its whenever!]

Anabel Fournier said...

Oh dear!! everything looks so nice!!! The girls look so happy in the photos, especially Kiera!
I was also at Pearl River Mart in July when I went for Playtime. The show was just above it and I also got many things from there... ha ha
The face painter is amazing. So much detail, wow!
...and yes, time flies. It is unbelievable how fast they grow. We have to enjoy this moments and celebrations as much as we can.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Heather Ogg said...

Hey Chantal great photos! Nancy is awesome eh? She did our birthday parties too and was a big hit. I love your blog!

Nancy Gervais said...

Chantal, it was a pleasure to be a part of Keira's big day. What a nice (and enthusiastic!!!) bunch of little girls. I am glad they enjoyed the face painting and glitter tattoos and it was nice to see you again...

What a lucky girl Keira is to have a mom like you!

karaimame said...

Wow, this party was fantastic! Happy birthday to little Keira.. omigosh, 6 years old... She is a pretty grown up girl (with long legs ;))
Glad to see the pictures and notice everyone had a great time! Those little girls are so cute! And I want that pirate tattoo too!! (I prefer more than girlish ones... eheheh)
Just wonderful, this garden full of fairies and the smile on your loved one just pay the price for all the work :)
Huge hug to Keira and special smooches to mommy! It was perfect!

20 York Street said...

What a beautifully decorated birthday party! It looks like a looot of fun!


Come say Bonjour at:


Bron @ Baby Space said...

You did it! (I agree it is IS overwhelming having an inside party with that many kidlets!!)

And Miss Kiki!! What a lucky girl -- that looks like it might have been her dream party?

That face painting is amazing. What an artist. Wouldn't mind having my face painted too...

joyce said...

That face painting is amazing!!! It's on a totally different level than anything I've ever seen! The girls must have LOVED it!

Happy Birthday Keira! So glad you enjoyed your day! said...

so many beautiful smiles! Joyeux anniversaire Keira said...
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sherimiya said...

SO JEALOUS!! haha, just kidding (kinda)!! This looks like the birthday party of every girl's dream, young or old. Everything, from the decor, to the beautiful partygoers, to the gorgeous cake to the amazing face art --- no words can effectively describe. You sure know how to do up a birthday party girl. Your little princess is a lucky duck. No wonder she's such a bright light in your life.
Thank you for brightening up my night.Happy happy birthday Keira from Auntie Sheri, MisterMan and TinySprite!! Smooches! ^_^

sherimiya said...
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Leah said...

What a gorgeous party! I love the decorations, the face paint, the balloons but most of all the Birthday girl!

Give her a big Birthday hug for me!


unha said...

happy birthday K!
looks like amazing time.


Susan Yuen said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing party!!! I love all of the decor and the kids look like they had sooooo much fun!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Gorgeously fun decorations and activities!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Gorgeously fun decorations and activities!