November 20, 2010

the night before party

Keira & Alex, buddies forever..
The adorable Alex!

He loves these Zoobs! I love his pirate ship created out of the Zoobs..
Well folks, it's been quite a week. It's been quite a 2 weeks actually. I'm not in the mood to talk about it really. Except work has been squeezing my every hour..

On the flip side, it's the weekend! And I have been preparing for Keira's birthday party in the short available time span I've had (basically Wednesday night and late late last night). All the effort I've put in has really been worth it seeing Keira's face in the morning when she saw the decorations up. When you get that, "is this all for me mommy??!" and "I love you mommy!!".. tis the best feeling of all!

Our wonderful friends are staying over for the weekend. Their son is pretty much the only boy at this party of 11 girls. Ooh lala! Good thing he loves girls. haha! I am so glad that Alex and Keira are growing up together.. much like his mom and I did when we were younger. Since they're both only children, he is her younger brother and she is his older sister. And they have a great relationship happening. It's great to watch.

Pink tissue flowers
Keira's party is happening tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek of the crafts table that I set up: the girls and dude (if he wants) will be stringing their own bead bracelets and/or necklaces. I set out little square bowls full of glass and plastic beads every foot or so apart across a long table. I'm hoping to get the disco ball up in time cuz there will be some music and Barbie movie happening. There's also a fab face painter coming by (more on that in the birthday post)! Hopefully she got my directions to our place and will make it by on time.

The bead craft table
I love these! Aren't they pretty?

It's close to midnight, so.. I bid you all a wonderful goodnight! Can't wait for tomorrow..


KLT said...

Oh Chantale, I would have loved to go to this party as a little girl (or now really)! It looks wonderful! Glad you're getting some extra K lovin'. :) Have a great day tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you all. Sweet dreams....

sherimiya said...

Um, can I come!? I wanna string jewels like a princess!! No matter what you do, it's done with love and style. Mz K is a lucky lil' lady, and with Alex you get your baby boy fix too!

Have FUN!! Look forward to the aftermath and mucho mucho SMILES :D

Rio said...

you have such a very beautiful daughter. she looks so cute and full of energy! happy birthday to your princess! :D

Audrey said...

Wow, can't wait to hear about the party. The bead table looks wonderful. The kids will be drawn to that for sure!

Hope Keira has a special day with Alex and all her girlfriends! Happy Birthday Keira!