September 12, 2010

a mini road trip - surprise birthday party

Champagne? Mais oui!
The kids helped blow out the candles..
Well folks, after all my excitement of getting the perfect gift for my friend's surprise birthday party, guess what I forgot to pack in the car for our mini road trip out? Uh huh. The gift. I only realized this when we were already near our friend's home and too far out to turn back. All I can say is.. I cried for a good 15-30 minutes about my forgetfulness.

Making rice crispy treats this morning!
Alex & Keira, the new generation
Hey wait! I have the umbrella..
Is this not the cutest? They are so adorable together..
Apart from that really bad start, the weekend was such a success! I honestly thought my friend would have sussed out the surprise but she was completely clueless. My role in the surprise was to take my friend out shopping and keep her at the mall until all the guests had arrived at their home. My husband's role was to keep the kids at bay and occupied while my friend's husband rushed into action and setup the place & food.

Let me tell you, she looked completely bewildered when we got home and everyone yelled SURPRISE! What a great evening we had. The kids had an incredible day spending most of it in the neighbor's new trampoline (which we must get for next year!), and I got to meet some new friends. The food was amazing, the company was amazing and the day was gorgeous. The party lasted well into the night with another couple also sleeping over with us (different rooms people). It made for a very pleasant weekend! It was with regret we had to leave to get back home. Keira definitely did not want to go. She was so well taken care of by Alex. He is such a little gentleman. It was like déja vu watching Keira and Alex play together. Once upon a time, that was myself, my friend and our siblings at that age! Now, we're the parents. Strange. So thank you my friends for having us over. We can't wait to go back for another visit (which has already been set up). It sure made up for the week before.

The gifts.. recognize that agenda??
Btw: I did get her a gift card from Banana Republic and will send her the cushions by snail mail. Also, it was such a surprise that she got a gift from another friend that I recognized as the Birdie agenda design I did! Wow, I'm so happy someone other than myself bought that agenda. Woot woot!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


Leah said...

OH I love birthday parties, cake, and champagne! So fun! That totally sounds like me too, I always forget the gift! lol


Audrey said...

Stella looks great! Happy Birthday Stella if you are reading this. Love the pictures of Alex and Keira together. Keira's stocking are adorable.

You must have felt so bad when you realized you forgot the present. But I'm sure your presence means a lot more to Stella than having presents. And of course, it will be fun to get a present by snail mail.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Brilliant that you saw that someone had bought your design as a gift! Plus, champagne and new friends? How lovely!

joyce said...

LOVE that picture under the umbrella! Soooo cute. And like Audrey said, getting a package via snail mail is so fun!

p.s. Happy Birthday Stella!

kribss said...

totally loving the one of them under the umbrella too! and love kiki's tights : )

yeah, i blame it on the brain farts when i forget the gifts!!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

That is cool about the surprise party yet understandably sad (for you) about the forgotten gift. But, with all the exciting of the party, I'm sure she didn't even notice at that time.

It is pretty neat that you mention this fete for your friend because just a few weeks ago my friends masterminded a surpise birthday bash for a friend of mine - it was my first time attending one. Fun, fun!

On a different note: Keira's stockings rock! What a cool pattern.

Chantale said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, I felt like total crap arriving without the gifts. But she was completely caught off guard and I did give her something else on our shopping excursion. : )

Aren't those socks just da bomb?!

KLT said...

Sounds like quite a weekend. I love that your friend was surprised! But how completely cool that she received that beautifully designed agenda! I guess that was the universe telling you it was ok that you forgot the original gift. :) Such a sweet weekend Chantale!

Sandy a la Mode said...

LOVE the pic of keira's tights and the one of them under the umbrella, PRECIOUS!