September 4, 2010

happy labour day!

Howdy Folks!
Before I go for my morning run I wanted to wish everyone a happy Labour Day weekend! Not from the States or Canada? No matter, wishing you all a happy weekend as well. Heehee. Giddy with happiness here.

It was a breakthrough week for me at work. I won't go into details but I'm getting happy about it.

One of the activities they had last year, pony rides! Is that a bike helmet on her head? Um, yes.
Yesterday was the annual 'Release of the Doves' day at Keira's school. It's a day where the school wishes all the students a wonderful new school year and what it takes to be conscientious and hard working. I have no idea what the doves symbolizes for them.. because it's not really freedom when they hit those classrooms is it? In any case, parents are also invited to this event and afterwards, the school provides lunch and activities in the afternoon. Last year, I was able to go and it was so cute to see Keira with her little friends together. This year, I decided not to go in the end. I was going to go and then bring her to my office but nixed that idea because there were complications with her bff. We did talk together that morning, Keira deciding that she wanted to spend her afternoon with Miss B and the activities with me coming to pick her up earlier than usual. Well, as I went to pick her up later that day, all was well until we were walking out the door of the school. Keira was telling me about her day and then said in a very quiet voice: "Maman, there were alot of other mamans et papas today. I don't think I understood what you said this morning."

Oh zoinks! Gulp! Stab.
I guess seeing all the other kids parents, Keira felt left out somehow. Oh.. I felt like I was doing the "Walk of Shame & Guilt" towards the car. I guess I thought she was old enough to not want us around all the time..

My little lefty..
I think she ate more than decorated with the icing. ha!
With her creations.. Despite his accident, Woody is still smiling!
I think Rex turned out the best! He's gonna be tasty too...
Made up for the lost day and spent our time at home decorating some cookies. I bought a super cute cookie kit and instead of icing, it came with food colouring markers (they were scented too)! I also had some icing on hand and we used those as well. These cookies also came with its own cookie stand, just like displaying those cut-out paper dolls. We had a blast doing these! The cookie characters are from Toy Story.. Woody had a little accident and I had to 'glue' his head back on with icing. I think Keira's rendition of Rex (dinosaur) is the best!

I also turned on the radio in her room and we boogied and danced to some house & dj mixes (because that's all that plays after 8pm!). Keira stared at me (like I was cuckoo btw) dancing for a good full minute before she said, "Das not the way to dance. Look, I show you! Look at me.. like this!" lol. It was really cute cuz she just bounces around and does some ballet moves.

At least snuggling up to sleep in her bed, my baby looked happy and content.


Nani said...

Awww she still wants you both around. So cute and sweet I hope Sae is like that when she is older. @nd I LURVE the cookies tell Keria she did an AWESOME job!

I think I know why she loves spending so much time with you, because your cool! I remember my mom used to do things like this when I was young, I love it STILL now.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Have a lovely long weekend, Chantale!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

The cookies are so cool!

Yes - I know that stab feeling. I'm learning that mine (one in particular) wants me around for a LOT longer that I expected!

nath said...

preparing a toy story birthday... your cookies would be a good addition... Fed Ex maybe ;) ?

KLT said...

Ah nothing like a little cookie decorating to bring on the smiles. You are such a good mommy Chantale!

Susan Yuen said...

Love the cookies- they are awesome!!! Great job Keira! Hahaha, I love the pic of her eating the icing straight from the tube!