August 20, 2010

beach street VBUSA :: pt deux

Are they not the sweetest?

Hi everyone! Glad to see you all liked the photos from part 1! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. I love reading them and knowing what your thoughts are.

Well, there is a reason why this part of our vacation was so wonderful. The first day we got in, we ended up at the hotel pool to cool off and immediately struck up a conversation with a mom and her daughter already swimming there. That first meeting was fortuitous as we connected right away and most importantly, the girls hit it off as well! I can honestly say that it is very hard meeting up with other families who are just a threesome and even harder to meet one with a girl the exact same age as Keira. Going on vacation with an only child can be hard. You really don't get a break as a parent, you have to be there to play. And let's face it, there are some days where fatigue sets in and you just watch your kid play in the sand by him/herself.

Our newest friends! Rick, Lisa and lovely Sydney.
Hanging out at the pool. It's highly unusual to meet up with someone who is taller than Mr C (he's 6'3"). Rick is even taller at 6' 5"! 

Cannonball! Keira got brave after seeing Sydney do this move about a gazillion times.
We met up with Lisa, Rick and their lovely little girl Sydney (isn't that a gorgeous name? I love it!). Can you believe that Sydney and Keira are only 5 days apart? Can you also believe these little cuties are also both lefties? It was so great to be able to spend time with them at the beach and we also managed to go out twice to restaurants together. It's the only time Keira begged to go out and eat just to be with Sydney!

We also met up with some friends of Lisa who happened to stay at the same hotel. Talk about getting lucky! They were funny and so sweet and we were able to touch and converse about a whole range of topics.. there was never a dull moment.

On the 2nd to last day of our vacation, we convinced Lisa and Rick to leave Sydney with us at our hotel room so that they could have a relaxing lunch together. As any parents will know, it's very hard to have adult time together when you don't have relatives or friends to rely on. Especially on vacation! Plus, Lisa is so well organized and I kept forgetting to bring snacks and drinks (drinks as in fruity stuff, I only remembered to bring the water!) to the pool/beach and Keira was well taken care of by them. lol!

Dancing by the waves...
Tag, you're it!

I gotta say, even keeping an eye on the girls by the beach and shore was a pleasure. It was relaxing to have the water wash over my legs and listen to that sound.

Oh these ladies are party animals...
Fireworks by the beach.
Dancing way into the night..

There were 2 nights where we all went out for supper together and most nights, we were out walking Atlantic Avenue listening to the music and other free entertainment on "Beach Street USA". Both Sydney and Keira went wild dancing long into the night!  At one point, they were even dancing to the music of the Sound of Music. haha! I'm not sure what type of batteries these two little ladies use but I could sure use some. Keira slept very late and woke up pretty early most mornings. It's no wonder then that on the last day of our vacation, she got sick. She got a sore throat and almost missed out the last evening with her new friend. That would have been a shame.

The waves were high and undercurrent strong one day... I loved the sand colour..

I'm sure our vacation would have been wonderful but meeting up and making these new friends made our trip that much better! It was a little worrying that once Keira found out Sydney wouldn't be heading to NYC for the next leg of our trip, she didn't want to go! Yikes.

Keira with a hangover? Almost! lol. Already feeling throat pain after all those long nights and super cold a/c in our room.

So, after hugs, farewells & exchange of emails, we left our little nest by the beach. It was extremely hard to leave. While Mr C was concentrating on driving us over the Chesapeake bridge, I kept looking back at the pristine beaches and beautiful blue ocean until we entered the tunnel and the sight disappeared from my view.


Lia Chen said...

Love your holiday pictures! Especially looking at so much fun you girl had (you too I'm sure) ... This sure will become a memorable one :)

kribss said...

girls are so cute together! doesnt surprise me that you guys were able to make friends : )

and kaylee is a leftie too- what odds???

Nani said...

Keira looks like she had so much fun. It's is a major surprise that you met a family with so many similarities I can understand why Keira didn't want to leave her new friend!

btw the picture of Keira's eyes wow.. I didn't realize how light they were and I LOOOOVE her bathing suit it's so cute!!!

Audrey said...

That is SO coincidental that you met up with that family and had so many things in common. The girls look like BFFs! The pictures are stunning. Again, I must say...I want to go to Virginia Beach!

joyce said...

ummm 12 hour drive? NEVER gonna happen with my least for another couple of years.

too bad because your pictures really make me want to go.

location espagne said...

Stunning pics of beautiful princess...look likes sweet little models...You make my mind to visit espagne