July 20, 2010

kites and wind

Yep, this is the life! Keira enjoying the 'ride' to and from the park..

You can tell by the water.. it was a very calm evening!

Not giving up hope yet, "run faster Papa!"

Okay, let's head to the sand...

Yesterday evening, we all went out to the park because Special K wanted to fly her kite. The same kite she got in her birthday goody bag from her cousin's 4th bday party that she wanted to fly but got stung by wasps.

Yesterday's evening weather was.. sunny and 0 wind. We did inform Keira that there wasn't enough wind to fly a kite but she told us that we should go to the park and check it out because, "if we don't try, we won't know!". Hm.. good point little grasshopper.

So off we went only to have Mr C run and try to fly this kite fruitlessly (with me laughing hysterically on the side). After a few tries and Keira finally satisfied that there wasn't enough wind, she decided to play in the park sand. Whew! Mr C was wiped out by then. hehehe!

So the moral of this story is.. keep trying even if God doesn't give you the wind you need for your kite. And if that doesn't work out, head to the park and have fun in the sand!


joyce said...

I can totally picture you laughing! You can't argue with her logic, eh?

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Aww, bless her for her persistence :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

she is adorable, as always!!! she did have a good point, gotta try it out before you know!! so sorry she didn't get wind though, boo!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Good theory on life and kite flying!