July 15, 2010

horses and best friends

Yeeha! (My apologies for the poor quality.. this is a scan from the photo we got)

Well folks, it's been a big and exciting day for us here at SkinnyMiniKiki. Lots of blog lovin' that I will most certainly post about! For now, am making myself take a break and go to sleep soon... that is, as soon as Keira and her bff Miss B go to sleep! I have to admit, I love these sleepovers. They're so cute together!

Above is Keira's exciting outing to the horse farm. She also showed me the horse/country dance that she learned as well (it was hilarious!). Below is Keira waiting impatiently for her bff Miss B to come to our place for supper and a sleepover. heehee! I bid you all a good night! 


Jisoo said...

aww, she's riding a horse! she looks totally fearless.

Audrey said...

Love how much Keira loves hanging out with her BFF. We have not yet ventured into sleepovers but I'm sure they are not that far off in our future.

She must have the BEST lunches out of the whole entire school. I will definitely try one out and will post it for you! When? I'm not sure but hopefully soon.

Have a good evening!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Cool! Horse riding - good holiday idea. Looks like she had a great time :)

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegsa said...

Whoo - what fun days and nights for Miss Keira! I, unfortunately, didn't get to do a lot of horseback riding, but sleepovers were the best.

Leah said...

Look at her waiting so anxiously! So cute!